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    The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1486

    Chapter 1486 I Have Someone That I Like

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    Mo Yongheng fell silent.

    Yu Yuehan fell silent.

    Even Qi Yan and Tan Bengbeng fell silent.

    No one dared to answer the Old Master.

    "Xinxin tell me." Mo Chengxian grabbed Nian Xiaomus hand and looked at her.

    His face clearly showed that he knew everything and there was no need to hide.

    "Its got something to do with your engagement?"

    Mo Chengxian spoke slightly faster than before. However, his words were still unclear, he didnt like to speak in front of others but in front of them, he was fine.

    When he saw that none of them spoke, he answered for them.

    No one expected that he would be so sharp when he was still sick.

    Mo Yongheng thought about it and walked up.

    "I am sorry Old Master, it is my problem. I may not be able to fulfill my promise and marry Missy."


    Upon hearing Mo Yonghengs words, Qi Yan took a deep breath.

    He wanted to go up and kick Mo Yongheng.

    He had already reminded them that they had to be tactful. But, Mo Yongheng came up and said it directly.

    Think about it, the Old Master treasures his granddaughter so much that he couldnt bear to marry her off. That was why Mo Yongheng got to marry her, and now he didnt want her?

    Did he want to p*ss the Old Master to his death?

    Like Qi Yan expected, Old Masters face fell immediately.

    It was like the calm before a storm.

    "What did you say?" He spoke authoritatively.

    Even if he was still in bed, however, they were all young yet all of them heard of the Old Masters name.

    The aura that he had, was not something that they could fight against.

    Mo Yongheng knelt down, straightened his back and repeated what he said expressionlessly.

    "I am sorry Old Master, I am unable to marry Missy"


    Before Mo Yongheng could finish his sentence, Mo Chengxian grabbed his cup and smashed it against the wall.


    Nian Xiaomu didnt dare to speak. She grabbed his hand immediately.

    At a time like this, she couldnt be bothered to be angry with Mo Yongheng anymore.

    "Grandpa, Mo Yongheng is not to be blamed. Actually, I"

    "Keep quiet!"

    Mo Chengxian pulled his hand out and stopped Nian Xiaomu from explaining.

    Nian Xiaomu was about to speak again and Qi Yan stopped her.

    If she were to help Mo Yongheng, it was not helping the situation. It would only anger the Old Master further.

    It would make him feel that his authority was being challenged. He might oppose the cancellation of the engagement more.


    Mo Chengxian asked Nian Xiaomu to stop and pointed at Mo Yongheng for him to continue.

    He had asked Mo Yongheng this before.

    Mo Yongheng agreed to listen to him.

    The marriage of the Mo Familys Missy could not be taken lightly.

    He needed a valid explanation!

    "I have someone I like and Ive just found out that she likes me too." Mo Yongheng knelt on the floor and looked in front.

    "Who is it?" Mo Chengxians gaze flickered. No one could tell if he was really angry.


    Mo Yongheng was hesitant.

    He had been brought up by the Old Master, he could take any form of punishment. But, Zheng Yan was different.