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    The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1485

    Chapter 1485 To Blame

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    He looked desolate as if he was so gravely affected that one could not bear to take their anger out on him.

    Then, Qi Yan was in trouble.

    He was just watching and suddenly, he was to blame.

    He looked up and realized something was wrong. He wanted to explain, but it felt wrong.

    Why should he be afraid of Mo Yongheng?

    It was a fight between Mo Yongheng and Yu Yuehan, he had nothing to do with it. He just had to hold on to his Bengbeng and all would be fine.

    "As a doctor, I am just reminding you that although Old Masters condition has improved greatly, hes only just got back the ability to talk. He cannot take any blows, take it easy with what you have to say. Or if his conditions worsen, dont blame me for not reminding you."

    Qi Yan reminded them.

    Then, he watched the three of them walk towards the ward.

    "I am worried about Xiao Mumu. Lets go in too." Tan Bengbeng stood up from the long chair.

    "I am not going." Qi Yan crossed his arms and sat firmly on the chair.

    "They are going to discuss canceling the engagement, what does it have to do with me? At a time like this, the Old Master will not be in a good mood. What if it implicates us and he doesnt let us get married either?"

    The more Qi Yan thought about it, the more it made sense. "No, I am not going!"


    "You know that Old Master will be unhappy and you are not going in? What if the Old Masters condition worsens?" Asked Tan Bengbeng.

    Tan Bengbengs face fell. "Are you going or not? If you arent going, then even if the Old Master agrees for me to marry you, I wont agree!"

    Qi Yan jumped up from the chair and grabbed Tan Bengbengs arm. He pulled her in front of him.

    He changed his mind immediately.

    "I was just kidding. Do I look like that kind of person? I am very concerned about the Old Masters body, at times like this, I must be at his side. Lets go, lets go in now."

    Qi Yan pulled Tan Bengbeng into the ward.

    In a blink of an eye, five people appeared in the ward.

    The Old Master was still sleeping.

    He looked exhausted.

    His condition didnt look good.

    Qi Yan walked up and explained. "He worries too much. From the moment he woke up, he had been worrying about the Mo Corporation and the Mo Family, however there is nothing he can do now. But, because there is nothing he can do now, he is more worried. His worries and the tough treatment, is why he became like this."

    His reminder before this was not a joke.

    "Forget it, lets talk about this another day. Grandpa cannot withstand such a blow now." Nian Xiaomu heard Qi Yan and grabbed Yu Yuehan.

    Before Yu Yuehan and Mo Yongheng could react, the Old Master woke up when he heard Nian Xiaomus voice.


    Upon seeing his beloved granddaughter, he wanted to sit up.

    "Wh what happened?"

    "Grandpa, it is nothing. We were just worried about you and wanted to visit." Nian Xiaomu walked up to the bed and helped him.

    Mo Chengxian looked around the room and understood something.

    "What do you guys want to tell me?"