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    The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1484

    Chapter 1484 Over The Moon

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    They saw Mo Yongheng leave the Zheng Family mansion. In the end, not only did Mo Yongheng arrive earlier than them, he still managed to get his men to check all the flight details on his way here.

    How anxious was he about the disappearance of Zheng Yan?

    When Mo Yongheng saw that they did not answer, he walked up and stared at Nian Xiaomu. "I promise you, I will tell the Old Master that I want to cancel the engagement. But, I want to know where Zheng Yan is!"


    Nian Xiaomu was shocked.

    Everything had gone exceptionally smoothly.

    Had Mo Yongheng actually agreed to cancel the marriage?

    What exactly happened last night?

    Nian Xiaomus doubts were everyones doubts too.

    However, Mo Yongheng was not going to explain to them.

    Before last night, he had been in a dilemma.

    He was unwilling to give up like this, but he didnt dare to tell Zheng Yan who he was.

    He thought that she had forgotten him

    Last night, when she was drunk, she lay in his arms, grabbed his hand, and asked him where her big brother was. Why wasnt he there to marry her

    That moment, he felt that he was going crazy!

    He was over the moon!

    She had not forgotten him, she still remembered him and was waiting for him.

    Waiting for him to fulfill his promise!

    However she was too drunk and no matter how many times he told her that he was her big brother, she did not believe him.

    He wanted to wait until she was awake and explain to her. Who knew that she would disappear after he woke up.

    She was not in the hotel.

    Neither was she in the mansion.

    He called the Zheng Corporation but she was not working today.

    She wasnt even with Nian Xiaomu

    After what happened last night, where would she go?

    Mo Yongheng never wanted to meet someone so desperately before!

    Nian Xiaomu saw his anxious state and spoke, "Actually, Mo Yongheng"

    "We can tell you where Zheng Yan is, however, how do we know that you wont regret it after you find her? Since we are here, why not lets meet the Old Master first."

    Yu Yuehan stopped Nian Xiaomu in her words and pulled her closer.

    Upon hearing that, not only Mo Yongheng looked at him, but Nian Xiaomu was looking at him too.

    The moment Nian Xiaomu met his eyes, she knew that he was doing it on purpose. He did not want Mo Yongheng to find Zheng Yan easily.

    He was paying for his actions.

    Mo Yongheng dared to use them to test Zheng Yans feelings, then he had to suffer the consequences. He would have to stay anxious for a while.

    Zheng Yan was still feeling guilty about lying to him and didnt know that she had fallen into his trap.

    "You dont trust me? " Mo Yongheng was in a rush to meet Zheng Yan. Upon hearing Yu Yuehan, his gaze fell.

    Yu Yuehan sneered. "You can use the engagement to threaten us, how do we trust you? Didnt you hear what Qi Yan said? He said you are despicable, a hypocrite and a cunning person!"



    "Dont blame me for not trusting you. After hearing Qi Yans words, I feel that it makes sense. So, to be safe, of course, we have to watch you cancel the engagement with the Old Master and return my wife to me."

    Yu Yuehan sighed.