The Rest Of My Life Is For You
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    The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1483

    Chapter 1483 Love Once Begun Will Never End

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    Tan Bengbeng looked at him coldly and sneered.

    "I seem to remember, the person who was defeated was you."

    "That is because Mo Yongheng is despicable, he was always beside you. I was afraid that I would hurt you and let him off deliberately."

    It was true that he could not defeat Mo Yongheng, however, Mo Yongheng could not defeat him either.

    They had tied.

    Unlike Yu Yuehan, before he could do anything, he had already lost.

    His wife was about to become someone elses wife.

    Pathetic! How pathetic!

    Tan Bengbeng looked at his arrogant face and decided to remain silent.

    Qi Yan hugged her into his arms and coaxed. "Okay, okay. I know you are worried about Nian Xiaomu. If there is another chance, I will plead with you, okay?"


    "If I were Yu Yuehan, I would definitely pick up a knife and confront Mo Yongheng for a battle. It would be best to kill him, then everyone would be better off!"

    "Stop it!" Tan Bengbeng frowned and tugged him.

    Qi Yans face fell when he heard Tan Bengbeng speaking for Mo Yongheng.

    "Did I say anything wrong? You are still siding him? Mo Yongheng is a despicable, selfish, cunning, and unscrupulous guy If you were to ask me to list his shortcomings, I could list a hundred without stopping!"

    "Qi Yan, enough" Tan Bengbeng glanced behind him and tugged him harder.

    However, he was obsessed with it. He did not get her hint and continued.

    "It is not enough! I am telling you to not get cheated by Mo Yonghengs appearance. He is snatching another persons wife, he is nothing like a gentleman"

    Before Qi Yan could finish, Tan Bengbeng could no longer bear it. She covered his mouth.

    "Shut up and look behind you!"


    Qi Yan looked back and realized that Mo Yongheng was standing behind him. His face was black as he glared at Qi Yan.

    If looks could kill, he would be dead there and then!





    They did not talk for at least three minutes and they just glared at each other.

    In the end, Qi Yan felt guilty for badmouthing him behind his back and snuggled into Tan Bengbengs arms.

    "Bengbeng, look he wants to bully me!"



    Tan Bengbeng was about to ask why Mo Yongheng was here when she realized that Nian Xiaomu and Yu Yuehan arrived after him.

    They were shocked when they saw Mo Yongheng arrive before them.

    Looked like Mo Yongheng was really anxious this time.

    He probably sped here.

    Yu Yuehan exchanged looks with Nian Xiaomu and did not speak.

    They pretended not to see Mo Yongheng come out from Zheng Familys mansion or know about what had happened the night before.

    They were about to visit Old Master and Mo Yongheng stopped them.

    "I am here to wait for both of you."

    Mo Yongheng said directly.

    His words made the atmosphere in the yard tense.

    "Where is Zheng Yan? Dont tell me that she is overseas. I have checked all the flights departing today, she is not included. I am certain that she is still in the country!"


    Nian Xiaomu was really shocked.

    She was not as confident as Yu Yuehan, she was worried that Mo Yongheng would hurt Zheng Yan.

    Now, it seemed that Mo Yonghengs concern for Zheng Yan was beyond their expectation!