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    The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1482

    Chapter 1482 Through Thick And Thin

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    Although Nian Xiaomu claimed to be embarrassed, her eyes seemed to be glued to the computer screen and she could not peel them away.

    Her animated eyes were sparkling.

    She was about to say something when an arm reached over from the drivers seat and turned off the computer screen in front of her.

    Nian Xiaomu had been engrossed with viewing the photographs and when the screen suddenly turned black, she let out an anxious yelp and wanted to push away the hand that was disturbing her.

    She raised her head and shuddered when her eyes met Yuehans dark gaze.

    "Good move! I wanted to switch it off too. These photographs are so embarrassing to look at, I cant even bear to continue. Mo Yonghengs physique is pretty average isnt it, yours is definitely better Hes been by my Grandpas side since he was young, I thought he would be busy learning how to manage the company, I didnt expect him to have time to practice mixed martial arts. No wonder he seems so skilled and able to have an edge over King of Hell. Mo Yongheng even managed to beat him up a couple of times, King of Hell holds a grudge against him till this day. He will badmouth Mo Yongheng to Bengbeng at every chance he gets." Nian Xiaomu said with a smile, she aimed to please.

    Even though the change of topic was rather awkward, she won him over with her pleasant manner.

    Yu Yuehans expression noticeably changed for the better. His thin lips moved, "Does he still enjoy scolding Mo Yongheng?"

    "I just spoke to Tan Bengbeng over the phone to tell her that were going to visit Grandpa. I could hear King of Hell grumbling about how vile Mo Yongheng was and how Bengbeng should stay away from him."

    It was obvious from Nian Xiaomus expression that she hoped he would get the hint.


    Yu Yuehans gaze softened and he pondered for a moment before reminding Nian Xiaomu, "If you ever hear him scolding Mo Yongheng in future, dont stop him. Join in at an appropriate time and encourage him to scold Mo Yongheng even more harshly."

    Nian Xiaomu stared at him in confusion.

    Yu Yuehan said, "Since Mo Yongheng and I are both down on our luck, he cant be the only one having a good time. Were supposed to stick together through thick and thin."


    Young Master Han, I can tell that you are plotting a scheme.

    And its a scheme of the highest level!

    Mo Chengliangs mansion.

    It was just as Nian Xiaomu had described.

    Qi Yan had just given Old Master an injection. After he had fallen asleep, Qi Yan pulled Tan Bengbeng outside.

    Once they stepped out of the room, Tan Bengbeng flung his hand away and sat down on the bench in the garden.

    Qi Yan sat down next to her.

    "I finally found an opportunity just now to help plead for Xiao Mumu and Young Master Han, why didnt you help me?" Tan Bengbeng said with a long face as she pushed him away.

    Not only was he of no help, but he had also created even more trouble by interrupting and trying to change the conversation.

    She did not even have a chance to finish what she was going to say.

    "What has this got to do with me? The one who created this mess is Mo Yongheng. Hes so despicable, he obviously knows that shes in love with someone else and he still insists on coming between them. Dont you think hes vile? Its no use no matter how we plead. Dont bother being angry with me, you should take a knife and stab Mo Yongheng instead. We wont have any more problems if hes dead!"

    Qi Yan inched closer towards her shamelessly after she pushed him away.

    His devilish face looked all innocent.

    He continued when he saw that Tan Bengbeng was still angry.

    "I think that Yu Yuehan should be blamed for underestimating his enemy. Had he been half as vigilant as I was, would he be in this situation now? Back when Mo Yongheng had his eye on you, I was so quick to act and gave him a good beating quite effortlessly. How dare he?!"

    " hmmm."