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    The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1481

    Chapter 1481 Lit Up Three Candles For Mo Yongheng

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    Making a visit to demand someone to take responsibility was definitely done immediately after one woke up.

    Only then would one seem confident enough.

    As expected, not even ten minutes after Yu Yuehan had said those words, a familiar-looking sports car pulled over at the entrance of the Zheng Family villa.

    When the car door opened, Mo Yongheng, who was dressed smartly in a suit, emerged from the car and headed into the villa with brisk footsteps.

    It was as if he was afraid that if he walked a little slower, the wife that he was so close to getting would fly away instantly.

    It was completely different from the steady and composed aura he usually exuded.

    "Hes really here Look at how anxious he looks, is he really the Mo Yongheng I know?" Nian Xiaomu was almost speechless from seeing Mo Yongheng appear.

    Only when Mo Yonghengs figure disappeared at the entrance of the villa did she abruptly snap back to her senses and grab onto Yu Yuehans arm.

    "You havent seen anything wrong. Its the Mo Yongheng you know, but he really needs to look into the mirror right now. That anxious look really makes him look unmanly." Yu Yuehan was a little dumbfounded and the corner of his lips curled into a devilish smile.

    It was obvious that he was an audience watching a show.

    Since Mo Yongheng had dared to plot something against him, he ought to have been mentally prepared to receive a return blow as well.

    Although they had the same goal, the process of how things went would depend on who was more skilled!

    "Ive suddenly recalled something"

    Nian Xiaomu widened her huge eyes and raised her innocent-looking face.

    "I was just making a wild guess earlier that Mo Yongheng would definitely come over to find Zheng Yan if he had bullied her. So, I intentionally told the butler to tell him that Zheng Yan isnt at home. Worst still, I told him to say that she had packed her bags to go overseas to take her mind away from things and wouldnt be back in the short term. If Mo Yongheng is looking for Zheng Yan now, he definitely wont be able to see her!"


    The corner of Yu Yuehans lips twitched and he internally lit three candles to mourn for Mo Yongheng. Facing Nian Xiaomus sparkling eyes, he patted her head encouragingly.

    "You did great!"

    "But, I suddenly pity Mo Yongheng" Nian Xiaomu had just finished speaking when she spotted a dejected Mo Yongheng emerging from the Zheng Family villa.

    It seemed that things had gone the way she had instructed.

    The butler did not let him see Zheng Yan.

    Nian Xiaomu grabbed onto Yu Yuehans hand tightly again as if she was grabbing onto a talisman which could save her life. With a voice dripping with honey, she started acting coquettishly. "Hubby, what do we do now? Judging from Mo Yonghengs face, hell probably know that I did it and come at me for it!"

    "Youre scared of him?" Yu Yuehan raised his brows.

    Nian Xiaomu nodded her head like a little chick pecking onto a grain of rice. "Im scared to death, Im afraid that hell marry me!"


    Unfortunately, he was scared of this too.

    So, for safetys sake

    "Lets go and visit your grandfather now and pay our greetings to him," Yu Yuehan abruptly muttered.

    Nian Xiaomu instantly understood what he meant and waved the thumb drive in her hand. "Well take this to pay our greetings to him?"

    Yu Yuehan replied instantly, "Thats right!"

    Yu Yuehan took the laptop from the passenger seat at the back and passed it to Nian Xiaomu before starting the car again in an attempt to head to Mo Chengliangs villa before Mo Yongheng left the Zheng Family villa.

    On the way there, Nian Xiaomu turned on the laptop and placed the thumb drive Zheng Yan had given her in it.

    There was nothing inside the thumb drive apart from a folder.

    Once Nian Xiaomu clicked it, the pictures contained inside instantly made her draw a deep breath.

    "Oh my goodness! I couldnt tell, I really couldnt tell. Mo Yongheng always looks so cold, but he actually has such a passionate side to him. Oh my, Im too embarrassed to look further!"

    "But, his body is really good. What huge abs he has! And an eight-pack as well!"