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    The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1480

    Chapter 1480 Someones Coming Too

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    He ought to have some trouble finding her. That way, hell get anxious and realize that not everything can be within his control.

    Since he understood his feelings now, he ought to cherish the person.

    "This" The butler was stunned for a moment and hesitated.

    "Miss Nian, without Missys instructions, a mere butler, like me"

    "Im pretty close to your Missy right? Doesnt she trust me a lot?" Nian Xiaomu pointed at her own nose and questioned the butler.

    Seeing him nod, she reached out to pat his shoulder.

    "Think about it further. After your Missy came back this morning, did she refuse to see anyone and lock herself in her room or the study room? Even though I arranged to come over, she really did not want to see me, right?"

    "Yes!" The butler nodded as he replied.

    The butler could tell that something was amiss with Zheng Yan today as well.

    Worriedly, he asked, "Did something happen to Missy? Do I have to inform President Zheng?"

    "Theres no need to! You just have to listen to my instructions and no matter who comes to find her today, you should answer as I told you to. Shell be fine tomorrow," Nian Xiaomu answered confidently.

    Seeing how persuasive Nian Xiaomu was and since from what it seemed, nobody in particular would actually come to find Zheng Yan, after some thought, the butler agreed.

    "I understand."

    "Then, Ill leave now. This is my number. If theres something amiss with your Missy, inform me immediately."

    Nian Xiaomu passed her name card to the butler and after confirming that Zheng Yan was fine, she stepped out of the Zheng Family villa.

    She had just stepped out of the villa when she already spotted Yu Yuehans car waiting outside for her.

    Seeing her come out, Yu Yuehan reached out to open the car door with his tall and sturdy figure waiting for her to come over.

    "How is everything? Is Zheng Yan okay?" Yu Yuehan asked.

    "It looks like she was taken advantage of, but Im not sure to what extent. I was just about to ask her when she drove me away hurriedly and stuffed this into my hand," Nian Xiaomu remarked as she waved the thumb drive in her hand.

    Her worries that she had not revealed in front of the butler, completely showed in front of Yu Yuehan.

    She pursed her lips before speaking again.

    "Do you think she realizes that she likes Mo Yongheng? I mean, if Zheng Yan does not fall for Mo Yongheng eventually, then it will be unfair to Zheng Yan if we just set them up together like this"

    Nian Xiaomu had yet to finish speaking when Yu Yuehan took the thumb drive in her hand and muttered confidently, "No. To Zheng Yan, its a good thing if she realizes her own feelings. Moreover, there could be another good thing about this." A flash of light flickered in Yu Yuehans eyes.

    Thinking about Mo Yonghengs true identity, the corner of his lips curled into an ambiguous smile.

    Even if he did not have that much confidence, he would not have used such an excuse to get Zheng Yan to get close to Mo Yongheng like this.

    If the two really had made some sort of tangible progress and Zheng Yan had run away after she woke up, the one whos anxious now would be Mo Yongheng!

    After all, Zheng Yan may not recognize him anymore, but he definitely remembered Zheng Yan.

    After the two had spent a night together, he had been abandoned just like that The feelings Mo Yongheng currently had were probably incredibly significant.

    Glancing at Nian Xiaomu, who still seemed unassured, Yu Yuehan pulled her into the car.

    He was not in a rush to drive off but turned the car around into an inconspicuous spot that had a view of the main gate of Zheng Yans villa and stopped the car there.

    "Just watch. If my guess isnt wrong, someones probably coming soon."