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    The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1479

    Chapter 1479 Wont Be Back Anytime Soon

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    Alas, Nian Xiaomu did not fall for it.

    With her arms folded across her chest, she leaned against the other side of the door frame and raised her eyebrow at Zheng Yan. "Are you flushing because of this? Yesterday, Mo Yongheng and you

    "Thats enough, thats enough! Nothing happened except for a small incident and what you see is what you get. As you know, accidents happen. I was lucky to only have to make a small sacrifice to be able to obtain these photos. In fact, they look quite authentic!"

    Zheng Yan blabbered without stopping.

    She spoke so fast that Nian Xiaomu could not get a word in.

    She could only stare at the hickey on Zheng Yans neck.

    And it wasnt just on the neck.

    Even though Zheng Yan was quick to stop her just now, she had managed to peek at the marks on her chest.

    Tsk tsk, she could tell that it must have been a pretty intense battle last night.

    Although she could not tell who made the first move.

    Nian Xiaomu figured that if nothing had happened, it must have been Zheng Yan who had taken the initiative.

    If something did happen, it must also have been Zheng Yan who had taken the lead. She had tempted the wolf and ended up becoming the big bad wolfs meal!

    "Zheng Yan, actually Mo Yongheng"

    Nian Xiaomu was just about to tell Zheng Yan that Mo Yongheng might have fallen for her.

    Before she could finish her sentence, Zheng Yan dashed forward and covered her mouth.

    "No no no, dont mention him again. I get flustered when I hear his name and thats the truth!" Zheng Yan swallowed her saliva consciously, seemingly aware that her reaction now was slightly inappropriate.

    She hesitated for a few seconds before trying to explain in an awkward manner.

    "Is this considered me feeling guilty? Yes, it must be. After all, I had set a trap for him. So please dont bring up Mo Yongheng in front of me in the near future."

    With that, Zheng Yan pushed the USB drive she was holding into Nian Xiaomus palm.

    "All the photographs are here, go ahead and use them. This should be sufficient to get the Mo Family elderly head to cancel your engagement. Its been a long night for me I mean, I had to adjust Mo Yonghengs body for the photos and its been quite tiring. Im feeling sleepy, I shall take a shower and go to bed."

    "Zheng Yan!"

    Nian Xiaomu clutched the USB drive in her hands and raised her head but by then, Zheng Yan had disappeared without a trace, as though someone was after her.

    This was the Zheng Familys villa. She should be the one leaving and not Zheng Yan.

    Despite her denial, her facial expression had given her away.

    Something must have happened last night.

    Nian Xiaomu had intended to tactfully hint to Zheng Yan that she need not feel guilty for scheming against Mo Yongheng. After all, Mo Yongheng had been a willing party in this trap.

    But now, Zheng Yan looked like she was terrified to hear anyone mention Mo Yonghengs name.

    Even if she had insisted on telling her, Zheng Yan might not want to listen.

    She might think that Nian Xiaomu was only trying to comfort her.

    "The onlooker sees most of the game!"

    Clutching the USB drive in her hand, Nian Xiaomu walked down the stairs.

    She spotted the butler as she passed by the living room. She stopped and raised her head to ask, "What time did Missy return home today?"

    "Early this morning." Stunned momentarily, the butler answered.

    "Was she alone?" Nian Xiaomu carried on.

    The butler answered, "Yes, it was just her. Is something wrong, Miss Nian?"

    "Its okay, let her have a good rest. If anyone comes looking for her today, just tell the person that Missy is not around. She went overseas and wont be back anytime soon."

    A sly expression flashed past Nian Xiaomus face as she said this.

    Mo Yongheng how dare you bully my Xiao Yanyan. I wont let you off that easily!