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    The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1476

    Chapter 1476 It Is A Serious Problem

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    Zheng Yan closed the bathroom door and took a hot shower.

    The moment she thought about the hickeys on her neck and chest, she didnt dare to look down.

    She was afraid if she looked at them, she would remember what happened last night.

    She got what she wanted, but she also had her losses.

    She couldnt tell if she had succeeded or not.

    Now, the word "Mo Yongheng" was her taboo.

    The moment she thought about him, she would shiver and felt like hiding herself up in a hole.

    Yesterday, she was worried that he would get angry when he discovered that he had been tricked by her. Hence, she specially asked the attendant to send him a fresh set clothes this morning.

    Who knew

    He would probably get even more furious after seeing the clothes!

    Beep beep!

    Zheng Yans phone rang.

    When she was done showering and came out in her bathrobe, she saw many missed calls on her cell phone. This was the fifth call

    She looked at the caller ID and hung up immediately.

    She stuffed her cell phone into the pillow and sat on the pillow.

    It was Mo Yonghengs call.

    He was awake?

    Was he calling to settle the scores with her or did he want her to take responsibility?

    No matter what, she did have an answer, she couldnt answer his call!

    Zheng Yan waited for a while and when she was sure that her phone was no longer ringing, she heard movement downstairs. She shot out of her bed and ran to the balcony.

    She only saw her irritating brother in the living room and not Mo Yongheng.

    She collapsed on the railing on the balcony, recovering from the shock.

    Then, she heard her phone ringing again.

    After hesitating, she inched back into her room and took away the pillow carefully.

    When she was about to turn off her cell phone and go missing, she realized that the caller ID showed Nian Xiaomu, not Mo Yongheng.

    She picked it up.

    Nian Xiaomus voice was filled with anticipation. "How was it? How was it? Did you succeed last night?"


    It did succeed, she was not sure if she succeeded or did Mo Yongheng succeed?

    It was a bit embarrassing.

    However, Nian Xiaomus phone call reminded her of something else.

    When she was leaving the hotel, although her mind was blank, she still remembered to take the surveillance cameras from the room.

    It was all in her bag, however, she did not have the courage to look.

    What if it was filled with x-rated footage of her and Mo Yongheng?

    Ah! Ah! Ah!

    The moment she thought of that, she started to blush.

    She couldnt even speak properly.

    "Ye Yeah. I just got home and am about to look at the photographs. I will give them to you after I organize them."

    Zheng Yan wanted to say, give her a few days, when she thought through it, she would explain to Nian Xiaomu the situation.

    Who knew that Nian Xiaomu mistook her words. Nian Xiaomu replied immediately, "Thats great, I will come over now. Wait for me, I will be there quickly."

    Before Zheng Yan could reject, she hung up.

    "Xiao Mumu, listen to me"

    The other end had already hung up.

    Zheng Yan felt helpless.