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    The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1475

    Chapter 1475 Cunning Mo Yongheng

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    "Miss Zheng asked for them. She requested for a clean set of clothes to be sent over this morning." The room attendant answered respectfully.

    Mo Yongheng took the clothes and his face fell further.

    Looks like she was well prepared.

    Not only did she plan how to get him drunk, she even arranged for everything in such great detail, like preparing clothes. She set a trap for him and waited for him to fall for it.

    Now, he had fallen for it. Why did she run?

    Did she feel guilty?

    She suddenly felt sorry for him and didnt know how to face him?

    Or did she regret

    Mo Yongheng fell solemn as he fell into deep thought.

    He gave her a chance yesterday. She told him that she wouldnt regret it, and now she wanted to run after all of this?

    It wasnt so simple!

    Mo Yongheng looked at the clothes in front of him and an idea came to his mind.

    Since she was so kind as to prepare clothes for him, he could not let her down.

    The clothes may be of great use.

    Mo Yongheng changed into the new clothes. Then, he tore his crumpled clothes and threw them on the bed.

    Zheng Yans scarf was lying together with the scrapped clothes.

    He took his phone out slowly and took a few pictures.

    When he was satisfied, he put his phone away and checked out.

    On the other hand.

    When Zheng Yan woke up in a daze and realized that she was sleeping with Mo Yongheng naked, she was shocked out of her mind.

    She hazily put on her clothes, grabbed her bag, and rushed out of the hotel.

    When she was driving home, her hand was shivering and she almost drove through a red light.

    Under great psychological pressure, she managed to make it back to the Zheng Family villa.

    She was in a panic state. She did not hear the butlers greeting.

    She even ignored Zheng Haos verbal provocations and rushed back into her own room.

    The moment she went in, she locked the door.

    When she was sure that no one would be able to enter, she collapsed onto the ground and leaned against the door.

    Every time she recalled herself waking up in Mo Yonghengs arms naked, her mind would go blank from shock.

    She sat on the floor and dazed for a long time.

    When she finally came back to her senses, she trembled as she helped herself up.

    Her legs were shivering as she inched towards the bathroom like an old woman who could not walk.

    In the bathroom mirror, she saw the abrasion on her lips and the hickey on her neck and chest. Her face fell pale

    Did she really really sleep with Mo Yongheng?

    She didnt remember anything.

    She could only remember that they had been eating, then she had been trying to get him to drink. He was not cooperating, she got angry and drank a glass herself.

    Her tolerance was not bad.

    She had been in the business field for so long, there would be times when she needed to socialize and drink.

    Although she was a woman, she still had to drink to show her respect.

    She specially trained herself. She would be fine even after three or five glasses of alcohol.

    She only drank one glass yesterday. Why did she not remember anything

    She could only vaguely remember Mo Yongheng telling her something about it being the first time and having to be responsible

    Zheng Yan tugged her long hair and stared blankly into space

    That was it.

    If she really had got Mo Yongheng drunk and bullied him, was she supposed to ask him to be responsible for her or tell him that she would be responsible for him?