The Rest Of My Life Is For You
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    The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1474

    Chapter 1474 I Dont Want To Play With You Anymore

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    Zheng Yan pushed against his chest and looked at him in shock.

    She seemed to be questioning why his "sleep" and what she imagined was different.

    She couldnt breathe properly when he was kissing her like this

    The feeling of suffocation made Zheng Yan panic. She wanted to push him away, but Mo Yongheng grabbed onto her arms tightly and she was immobile.

    Mo Yongheng felt her inexperience.

    He realized that it was her first time and he became more gentle. He let go of her gently and reminded her to breathe.

    Zheng Yan blinked and looked at him. She did not understand what he was saying.

    Her obedient state made him want to bully her further.

    In fact, thats what Mo Yongheng did!

    He kissed her again and slowly went deeper

    He was leading her on to experience something completely new.

    "Zheng Yan, tell me. Who am I!" Mo Yongheng held onto her chin and repeated the question for the third time.

    She was drunk.

    He did not want her to regret this, neither did he want her to mistake him for someone else.

    Or he was afraid that he may strangle her to her death!

    Zheng Yan was catching her breath. She heard him and answered loudly. "You are the annoying jerk!"


    "Mo Yongheng, you are most annoying. You only know how to bully me, I cant even breathe properly. I dont want to play with you anymore!"

    As Zheng Yan spoke, she wanted to get up.

    The moment she moved, Mo Yongheng caught her back.

    He used his lips to keep her silent.

    They were tangled up with each other.

    The temperature in the room rose.

    The originally quiet luxurious suite slowly became noisy.

    Even if the door had excellent sound insulation, one would be able to hear the intense noise and moans coming from in the room

    It continued for a long time.

    This night.

    Some slept soundly, while others couldnt sleep.

    Till dawn.

    Mo Yongheng had not drunk much, however, the alcohol was strong and the kick was still there.

    Furthermore, as he did not have a good sleep, when he woke up, his head felt heavy. He rubbed his temples and sat up from the bed.

    The blanket slid down, revealing his buff chest.

    Tanned chest and the perfect abs

    Under the light, it was intimating.

    As he had just woken up, he did not look as cold as usual.

    The corners of his mouth were slightly curved, he seemed to be in a good mood.

    Until he turned his head and he did not see the woman who was supposed to be lying there. Mo Yonghengs face fell immediately.

    He frowned and logic returned to him instantly.

    He got out of bed swiftly.

    He picked up his pants, put them on, and walked towards the bathroom.

    There was no one in the shower.

    There was no one in the washroom either.

    Including the dressing room, study room the entire suit. Zheng Yan was nowhere to be found.

    Very good. They just slept together and this is how she is going to be responsible? By escaping?!

    Mo Yongheng walked back to the bed and wanted to make a call. Then, the doorbell rang.

    Mo Yongheng opened the door and the room attendant was standing there.

    The room attendant was holding onto a set of clean clothes.

    "Who asked you to send the clothes?" Mo Yongheng frowned as he looked at the suit and shirt in front of him.

    They were his size.

    However, he had not asked for them.