The Rest Of My Life Is For You
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    The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1471

    Chapter 1471 I Dont Like People Who Cry So Easily

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    She stared straight at him blankly.

    That warm and intense gaze was quite impossible to ignore.

    He met her gaze and went towards her. Originally, he had thought that she would run away out of fear that she had been discovered.

    However, she did not do so.

    Her little figure was simply hanging at the edge of the wall and staring at him when he went to her and asked, "Why do you keep looking at me?"

    What had she replied back then?

    Right, she had blinked her beautiful eyes and looked at his sister in envy before replying, "I want an older brother too, but my Mummy is dead. I wont ever have an older brother in my life."

    As she spoke, it appeared as if she had thought of her mother and her tears started pouring uncontrollably down her face.

    Her pretty little face instantly became dirty and messy from crying.

    While she sobbed, she even asked him, "Big brother, if Im obedient, can I marry you when I grow up? That way, I wont have to envy your little sister."

    Back then, he was still a child as well and seeing that she might possibly die from crying if he did not agree, he contemplated for a moment with his head lowered before taking out a piece of chocolate from his pocket to give to her.

    "I dont like people who cry so easily. When youve learned not to cry anymore, Ill agree to it."

    Upon hearing his words back then, she wiped away her tears without hesitation.

    With her bright and sparkling huge eyes blinking at him, she looked at him with her face bursting with joy.

    That warm and intense gaze was like a burning torch and for the first time in his life, he felt uncomfortable all over from looking at it. As such, he turned around so that she would not see the tip of his ears which had turned beetroot.

    Just as he was about to go back into his house, he thought of something and turned back to remind her.

    "Next time, youre not to hang over the wall anymore. If you fall down, youll become crippled. I dont like girls who arent obedient either."

    "But, if I dont hang over the wall, I wont be able to see you."

    Little Zheng Yans eyes reddened and like a little kitten or puppy which was about to be abandoned, she bit her lip miserably, with the piece of chocolate he passed to her still tightly within the grip of her hand as she could not bear to eat it.

    That pitiful state she was in, instantly made his heart melt.

    He then told her his daily timetable and allowed her to come over to look only for a while and requested that an adult at home had to accompany her.

    If her father was not at home, the butler had to accompany her here.

    Only then did she happily slide down from the wall with the piece of chocolate in her hand

    Later on, whenever he appeared in the courtyard, he would see her little head bobbing out from the other side of the wall.

    From a distance that was not quite near or far, she looked at him with her face full of smiles.

    It also gradually became a habit for him to carry a piece of chocolate in his pocket so that when she appeared, he could pass it to her as a reward for being obedient.

    So many years had passed already, yet he still clearly remembered the promise they had made when they were young, but she had probably long forgotten about it already.

    He remembered the verbal marriage agreement he had made with her, not the Missy of the Mo Family.

    He had agreed to marry her when they grew up

    That little girl who liked to hang over the wall to watch him train, and who loved to eat chocolate.

    That girl who cried into a huge mess and asked him pitifully if he could marry him when they grew up.

    From the first day they had met, he had already remembered her and was ready to do so for the rest of his life

    "Yet, you forgot about me." Mo Yonghengs finger brushed past her brows gently and his tone became subtly desolate.

    Im willing to advance tens of thousand miles ahead without knowing when Ill return.

    Yet, I cannot bear the fact that youve forgotten about me as I stand before you.

    This was probably the reason why he could not tell her who he was.