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    The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1470

    Chapter 1470 I Dont Want To Climb Walls I Am Obedient

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    Mo Yongheng was stunned.

    He stood in his spot and remained in the position bending down to help her up. He stared at her in shock.

    What did she do just now?

    Mo Yonghengs mind went blank for a second.

    After a while, he touched his lips.

    There was a faint scent of jasmine left. It was her scent.

    That moment, something in his mind snapped.

    He clenched his teeth and tried to hold it back. Unfortunately, the person hugging his leg did not feel the danger coming. She was trying hard to climb up his body from his leg.

    Her hands were moving around his body


    Mo Yongheng took a deep breath.

    He cursed in his heart countless times. In the end, he could no longer endure it, he picked her up and dumped her on the bed.

    "Zheng Yan, stop moving around and sleep!"


    Zheng Yan mumbled softly as she flipped her body around and snuggled against the pillow.

    She started moving more after Mo Yongheng asked her to stop moving.

    She crawled into the blanket and crawled out of it.

    She used the blanket and wrapped herself up like a cocoon, then she started screaming that she was on fire. She asked Mo Yongheng to save her or she would die from the fire.

    If Mo Yongheng reacted slowly, she would start to cry and scold him.

    She was really crying.

    She cried so hard that she was out of breath.

    Mo Yongheng never knew that she had so many tears. It was never-ending.

    When he finally hugged her in his arms and coaxed her into sitting down obediently, he poured a cup of water for her.

    When she finished drinking the water, she started to complain that she felt sticky and uncomfortable.

    "I want to bath." Zheng Yan sat at the side of the bed and said normally.

    However, to Mo Yongheng, she was like a ticking time bomb.

    If he did not follow her into the bath, he was afraid that she would drown herself.

    If he were to go in, his blood vessels may burst in the bathroom. He rejected her request without any hesitation.

    "Dont move, I will get you a towel to wipe your face."

    Mo Yongheng walked towards the bathroom quickly. It was as if he was afraid that he would change his mind if he was slower.

    When he came out with the towel, she was already back on the bed and asleep.

    In a second, she was sleeping like an angel.

    Mo Yonghengs footsteps halted before he came back to his senses and continued walking.

    He stopped in front of her and gently wiped away the tear stains on her face.

    She must have been ignorant of how strong the alcohol was.

    If it wasnt that his alcohol tolerance was high, given her state now, how was she going to give him a surprise?

    Mo Yongheng held the towel and gazed at her.

    His voice lowered and it was a bit hoarse.

    "Zheng Yan, do you know what I am thinking?"

    "I know"

    The sudden reply took Mo Yongheng by surprise.

    Then, he realized that she was just talking in her sleep.

    "Big brother, dont be angry I will not climb walls, I will be obedient"


    Mo Yonghengs body jerked back in shock.

    His eyes were wide open as he stared at her.

    What did she just say?

    Big brother.

    Climb wall.

    The scenes in his memories were playing before him.

    A small and pretty little Zheng Yan was hanging on his wall looking envious.