The Rest Of My Life Is For You
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    The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 147

    Chapter 147 Hold Hold Yu Yuehan's Hand?

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    Just like an abyss, his deep and soulful eyes fixated on her.

    With the afterglow of the sunset shining on him, a layer of orange light spread out on his handsome face; he looked simply mysterious and honorable.

    Nian Xiaomu was caught red-handed. Since she could no longer hide from him, she braced herself and went forward.

    “Young Master…”

    Just as she pondered about what explanation she should cook up because she had come back so late, she saw that he had turned around indifferently and headed to the dining room without paying much attention to her.

    Nian Xiaomu secretly felt relieved that she had managed to dodge the bullet. As she followed behind him and entered the dining room, she saw that Xiao Liuliu was sitting obediently in her high chair. Even though she was biting onto her tiny spoon, she had not consumed any food.

    Her tiny face curved into a smile immediately when she saw Nian Xiaomu.

    “Pretty Sister, you are back! Me and Daddi were waiting for you to have dinner!”

    “…” Nian Xiaomu stared blankly and lifted her head in surprise.

    She cast her gaze in the direction of Yu Yuehan’s grave and stern back.

    Had he been waiting for her in the living room just now?

    Nian Xiaomu immediately swallowed back her words; she had wanted to tell him that she had already had her dinner while she was out just now.

    Feeling guilty, she pulled out a chair and sat beside Xiao Liuliu. She picked up her chopsticks and filled Xiao Liuliu’s tiny bowl with vegetables.

    “Sorry, it was my fault that I came back late. Quickly eat up.”

    Xiao Liuliu wasn’t a finicky child. Seeing that Nian Xiaomu had returned home, she scooped the rice in her bowl happily and sent it into her tiny mouth.

    Mouthful by mouthful, she seemed to be savoring her food.

    There was absolutely no need for Nian Xiaomu to take care of her. Since Nian Xiaomu had already had dinner, her gaze shifted toward the surroundings subconsciously.

    When her gaze met Yu Yuehan, who sat across from her, the sentence which Xiao Liuliu said just now flashed past her mind again.

    Had he… really been waiting for her just now?

    Should she apologize?

    “Where did you go?” asked Yu Yuehan after taking a quick glance at her.

    Not a hint of concern could be detected from his cold voice. Instead, it seemed like he wasn’t very happy that she had left without permission.

    “… I went to visit a friend and left in a hurry. I am sorry that I forgot to inform you and kept the both of you waiting.” Upon hearing what he said, Nian Xiaomu immediately lowered her head and apologized with sincerity.

    Yu Yuehan’s gaze deepened when he heard this, but very soon, he opened his mouth coldly and said, “I wasn’t planning on waiting for you. It’s just that Xiao Liuliu wouldn’t eat if she didn’t see you.”


    She had expected this. It was already very nice of the iceberg not to freeze people to deathhow could he do something so heartwarming like waiting for her before they started their meal?

    Her Xiao Liuliu was still the most adorable one!

    As Nian Xiaomu gloomily thought about this, she felt sorry for Xiao Liuliu and filled her bowl with more vegetables.

    Nian Xiaomu carried her to the courtyard for a stroll only after Xiao Liuliu had eaten her fill.

    Xiao Liuliu’s arm had recovered very well, and the gauze had already been removed from the wound. At this point in time, she always had a strong urge to peel off the scab from her wound and required special attention as a result.

    Nian Xiaomu had just held on to her hand when Xiao Liuliu immediately dragged her to Yu Yuehan.

    “Xiao Liuliu’s other hand hurts and can only hold one hand. Can Pretty Sister help me hold Daddi’s hand?”

    Nian Xiaomu: “…”

    Hold, hold Yu Yuehan’s hand?!

    Her eyes suddenly shrunk, and her gaze landed onto his hand that was right before her eyes; she felt that Xiao Liuliu’s words were like a streak of lightning that had struck her brain.

    Her brain stopped working at that instant!

    Yu Yuehan also seemed not to have expected Xiao Liuliu to blurt out this sentence all of a sudden. As he glanced in her direction, his gaze landed on Nian Xiaomu and Xiao Liuliu’s hands, which were intertwined with each other.

    There was a faint stir in his eyes.

    Nian Xiaomu’s small, delicate hands and slender fingers made her look like a lady who led a pampered life instead of a nurse.

    What would it feel like to hold those hands…