The Rest Of My Life Is For You
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    The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1469

    Chapter 1469 Where Can You Escape To Now

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    Mo Yongheng looked out with her.

    It was a five-star hotel.

    Looks like it has something to do with her surprise tonight

    "Okay, sit properly." Mo Yongheng started the engine and drove towards the hotel.

    Although Zheng Yan was drunk, drunk people were simple-minded. They could only remember what they wanted to do, completely ignoring anything different.

    For example, in her plan, the person drunk was supposed to be Mo Yongheng.

    Not like now, she was the one drunk.

    "Where is the room card? Oh, right, it is in my bag!" The moment Zheng Yan entered the lift, she struggled out of Mo Yonghengs arms. She leaned against the lift wall and looked for the room card in her bag.

    Before she could find it, she had emptied most of the contents of her bag onto the floor.

    She pouted. "Why am I so stupid, I cant even find a room card. Mo Yongheng, dont go now, give me another chance. Lets do this again, I am sure I will be able to find the room card and take you to bed!"


    "Let me help you."

    Mo Yongheng took her bag, found the room card easily and tapped the lift.

    Then, he slowly picked up the items on the floor and placed them back into her bag.

    The whole time, Zheng Yan was staring blankly at him.

    When he looked up at her and passed her the bag, she smiled at him.

    Like a child, a simple and sincere smile. Instantly, it hit his heart and he had difficulties breathing.

    Mo Yongheng pulled his tie.


    The elevator arrived on the floor of their room.

    He stretched his hand and wanted to assist her. Who knew that Zheng Yan would grab his hand and rush into his arms.

    "I cant walk anymore. I want you to hug me!"

    She was all soft and everywhere she touched felt like it was burning to Mo Yongheng.


    Damn it!

    He did not have such great strength.Does she know what she is doing?

    Mo Yongheng cursed under his breath and carried her up in a rough manner as he walked towards the room.

    He looked at the room number on the room card, entered the room she booked and threw her onto the bed.

    He turned and walked into the bathroom.

    He turned on the tap and washed his face with cold water.

    He took out his tie, threw it aside and was breathing deeply while leaning over the sink.

    The moment he calmed down, he heard a thud in the room.

    He was stunned and then, he remembered something. He wiped his face in a hurry and ran out.

    When he walked out, Zheng Yan, who was supposed to be lying on the bed, had fallen onto the floor.

    She seemed to think that she was in a swimming pool and did breaststroke on the spot.

    She was paddling and kicking, like she was worried that she was about to drown.

    When Zheng Yan saw Mo Yongheng in the bathroom, she cried.

    She was crying while she yelled, "Mo Yongheng, why are you so heartless. I am about to drown and yet you are not saving me If I die, I will become a vengeful ghost and come back to haunt you hic!"

    Now, she was crying and she was hiccuping.

    Mo Yongheng rubbed his temples and decided to ignore whatever he said about her behaving and sleeping when she was drunk.

    He walked up and was about to help her when suddenly, Zheng Yan hugged his leg and kissed him.

    She smiled sneakily. "Where can you escape to now!"