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    The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1468

    Chapter 1468 Her surprise

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    The waiter was at the door and was hesitating if he should go in.

    Mo Yongheng noticed that someone was here, he held onto Zheng Yans hand and asked her to tone down.

    After he shouted at her, she became obedient. She cuddled in his arms, she didnt move nor make any sound. She just looked up and stared at him with her pretty eyes.

    "Pass me the hangover tea."

    Mo Yongheng took the hangover tea from the waiter and wanted to pass it to her to drink. Then, he heard her sigh.

    "On closer look, you really look good. You just dont like to smile, like a black-faced killer. It oddly hic! Oddly scary."

    She didnt even want to stop when she was burping.

    Mo Yonghengs face fell and placed the hangover tea beside her mouth. "Drink it. Finish everything."

    "Dont be so fierce to me! If you are fierce, I wont drink! I wont drink any of it!" Zheng Yan pouted and looked to the side like a sullen child.


    Very good, so at first, she wanted to get him drunk. Now, she was just going to continue to act crazily under the influence of alcohol?

    Shed better pray that she remains drunk and doesnt sober up!

    Mo Yongheng clenched his teeth. He used the most gentle tone he could to coax her.

    "I will not be fierce. After drinking this, I will buy sweets for you."

    "I want chocolate! How many times have I said, I like to eat chocolate!" Zheng Yan reminded loudly.

    "Okay, chocolate."

    Upon hearing that there was going to be chocolate, Zheng Yan drank all the hangover tea obediently.

    After she burped, she started to yawn.

    At least she was not causing havoc. After she had drunk it all, she went to sleep.

    "Mr. Mo, does Miss Zheng need to go to the hospital?" The waiter asked when he saw Zheng Yans flushed face.

    "There is no need to. Just let her sleep, she will be fine."

    Mo Yongheng picked Zheng Yan up and was about to leave. Then, he saw the waiter blocking at the door. He frowned.

    "You think that I have ill intentions?"

    "No, no! I know that you are Miss Zhengs fiance, I just I just"

    The young waiter scratched his head and stuttered, "Mr. Mo, Miss Zheng really likes you. She did all of this for you, please dont get angry at her. It is my first time seeing such a pretty girl like her, furthermore, she is not arrogant at all What I am saying is true, she told me that you guys quarreled and she wanted to make you drunk to give you a surprise. Although I dont know what the surprise is"


    Mo Yonghengs gaze flickered.

    He knew if they were engaged or not.

    She only said that to convince the naive waiter to help her.

    However, he was very curious. If he really were to get drunk, what surprise had she prepared for him?

    Mo Yongheng paid for the bill and carried Zheng Yan, who was asleep, to the car.

    The moment he fastened her seat belt, she woke up.

    She looked like a lost doe as she stared at him.

    "Are you still uncomfortable? I will take you home now." Mo Yongheng said, as he closed the car door.

    The moment he entered the car, she grabbed his hand on the steering wheel. "Dont go home, go there!"

    "Where?" Mo Yongheng frowned.

    "It is just next door. It is near." Zheng Yan was leaning against the car window and poking the glass.