The Rest Of My Life Is For You
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    The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1467

    Chapter 1467 Confession

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    "It is to thank you for helping me in the mall that time, for helping me to beat up that rascal, Zheng Hao, and for your trust in Zheng Family."

    After Zheng Yan finished her sentence and clinked her glass against his, she finished her wine.

    When she slammed the empty glass onto the table, she felt like a heroine.

    She ignored the burning feeling down her throat. She waited for a few seconds and she was still standing fine. Instantly, she looked up at Mo Yongheng.

    "You really want me to finish this?"

    Mo Yongheng picked up his glass and stared at her.

    If Zheng Yan was smarter, she would have noticed his unusual tone.

    However, before she got Mo Yongheng to drink, she had already drunk two glasses. She was a bit dizzy now. Upon seeing Mo Yongheng finally pick up his glass she was just focused on making him drink.

    "I have already finished mine. Why are you taking so long to finish one? Are you a man?!"

    If she could turn back time, Zheng Yan swore that she would never have done that. She would have never said that to Mo Yongheng.

    It was because all the mistakes started from this

    Mo Yongheng drank the wine and placed his glass down calmly.

    When he looked up at Zheng Yan, he spoke the longest sentence that night.

    "The reason I help you is not because I trust the Zheng Family. It is because I trust you. Zheng Yan, do you really not understand why I asked you for a reason to cancel the wedding?"

    Zheng Yan felt like maybe she was drunk.

    She felt that Mo Yongheng was acting strangely. The things he said were strange too.

    She couldnt understand him, furthermore, she couldnt even hear what he said after that.

    Her head felt very heavy and she tried really hard to remain conscious. She wanted to listen to what he said, however, the next second, she fell backward

    "Zheng Yan!"

    Mo Yongheng saw that she didnt look right and rushed beside her. He was only just in time to catch her before she hit the ground.

    "Can someone come in!"

    The server who was outside the door came in immediately and when he saw Zheng Yan, his face changed.

    Before Mo Yongheng could speak, he explained nervously.

    "This has got nothing to do with me. Miss Zheng asked me to prepare the alcohol, she asked for the strongest alcohol. I had reminded her that normally people would get drunk on one glass. She also asked me to prepare a cocktail that was the same color, I didnt expect that she would drink it herself"


    At first, Mo Yongheng was shocked, after that he became expressionless.

    When the waiter had explained everything that he knew, Mo Yongheng said calmly, "Prepare some hangover tea, I want the best one."

    "It is already prepared!" The service staff ran out and took it in.

    Mo Yongheng had ordered it just now, but Zheng Yan did not let them serve it. So, it had always been in the kitchen.

    The waiter brought in the tea quickly.

    When he was back, Zheng Yan had woken up. She was in Mo Yonghengs arms acting drunkenly.

    "I am not drunk. If you dont believe me, I will drink more and show you!"

    "Mo Yongheng, I suddenly realized that you look a bit like my heartthrob. If he was still alive, he should be like you. Hahaha hic!"

    "Your skin condition is great, such an aloof and straightforward man like you knows about skincare?"

    "Dont move, let me touch"