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    The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1466

    Chapter 1466 Mo Yongheng Toast To You

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    The waiter placed the two cups of alcohol in front of Mo Yongheng and Zheng Yan.

    He then placed the bottle down. "Are there any other instructions?"

    "No. Theres nothing. You can leave!" Zheng Yans eyes lit up when she saw the alcohol.

    She raised her cup towards Mo Yongheng.



    Mo Yongheng looked at her gleaming eyes and his gaze flickered.

    When he realized that she seemed to be very excited that she was eating with him, he gleamed.

    He raised up the cup in front of him and reminded, "Dont drink too much. Its not good for girls to drink too much."

    "Yeah. I am just going to drink one glass."Then, watch you drink. Zheng Yan added silently in her mind.

    She drank the cocktail and ate the fish joyfully.

    Mo Yongheng placed down the glass and had no further actions.

    He was watching her eat.

    "Whats wrong now?"

    Who would stare at others eat? People who have a weak heart may get a heart attack.

    "Nothing. The alcohol is a bit strong, I will wait a while before eating again. Well, I didnt know that you were such a good drinker. You finished half a glass at one go." Mo Yongheng said as he looked at the glass in front of her.

    Zheng Yans heart fell a bit, she quickly held her glass in her hands tightly.

    Then, she felt that she looked suspicious and let go.

    She brushed her hair to the back of her ears and smiled awkwardly.

    "My tolerance is average. I am just happy today, anyway, we are close. If I get drunk, you can take me back, there is no fear!"

    As Zheng Yan was speaking, she picked up her glass again and toasted Mo Yongheng.

    Mo Yongheng had already said that it was very strong. The alcohol was so strong that he had to stop for a while after drinking a sip.

    If he was to finish it in one go, he was sure to get drunk!

    Mo Yongheng looked at her glass and replied without any expression, "There is no hurry, lets eat some fish."

    He did not drink. Instead, he picked up his chopsticks and started eating the fish.

    Zheng Yan sat back onto her seat awkwardly.

    When she saw that he was eating the fish, she followed suit.

    In a short while, the huge plate of fish was almost finished.

    As they ate it so quickly, they were both sweating due to the spiciness.

    They were a bit thirsty too. They reached out for their glasses at the same time.

    However, Mo Yongheng only took a sip, but Zheng Yan finished everything!

    When she placed her glasses down, she did not realize what was wrong. Until she realized that he was staring at her glass.


    It was hard to act.

    Mo Yongheng did not like to talk.

    Although he was not talking now, his gaze sent chills down her spine. She felt that no matter how well she hid it, he already knew what she was up to.

    "I ate too much fish and was thirsty Why arent you drinking? You are taking forever to drink a glass. I shall pour another glass and drink with you?" Zheng Yan said fearlessly.

    Before Mo Yongheng could react, she had poured a full glass of alcohol for herself.

    Then, she raised it up.

    "Come, Mo Yongheng. Heres a toast to you!"