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    Chapter 1465 What Will Come Will Come

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    Like now. Youre about to get unlucky, Mr. Mo Yongheng.

    I hope that you wont blame me when you wake up tomorrow morning!

    Zheng Yan tried her best to make herself look extremely elated. After pouring water for him, she swiftly returned to her seat and waited for the dishes to be served.

    This restaurant was famous for its fish.

    Be it steamed, braised or sweet and sour, they had all kinds of flavors available.

    Moreover, they were all live fish that were chosen before they were killed. The meat of the fish was fresh and tender, and tasted exceptionally succulent.

    Zheng Yan had been here before but it was when she had a business meeting with a client and her client had arranged to meet here.

    Never would she expect that she would have the chance to come here with Mo Yongheng.

    "Do you like to eat fish?" Zheng Yans gorgeous phoenix eyes glanced up slightly. Her outstanding facial features were impossible to overlook in the brightly lit setting.

    Upon meeting her gaze, Mo Yongheng seemed to have gone into a trance.

    Immediately after, he reached out for his glass and sipped a mouthful of water to slow down his heartbeat before muttering slowly, "Still alright."

    "You dont like to eat fish?" Zheng Yan asked again.

    It was as if she was playing with him and asking questions that seemed to sound the same.

    If it were someone else, they would probably think that she was eccentric. But, upon hearing her words, Mo Yongheng answered again, "Still alright."


    She was boring, but he was even more boring than she was.

    Would it hurt to say a few more words? Couldnt he tell that she was intentionally trying to find a subject to chat with him about?

    He had instantly ruined the conversation the moment he opened his mouth to speak, so how were they to drink properly later on?

    Luckily, the dishes were served very soon.

    The fragrance of the huge plate of fish made one want to tuck in immediately.

    Mo Yongheng had even accommodated Zheng Yans tastes and ordered an extremely spicy one.

    The bright red chilies laid on top of the tender fish, that sensation was simply invigorating!

    The moment Zheng Yan saw the fish, how could she possibly care about Mo Yongheng? She immediately used her chopsticks to pick up a piece for herself and was just about to lower her head to eat it when she felt a pair of eyes staring intently at her.

    She instantly felt a chill run over her whole body.

    She could not even bite into the piece of fish that was about to go into her mouth anymore.

    Raising her head, she saw that Mo Yonghengs dark eyes were really fixed on her.

    "Why arent you eating? Do you not like fish or chili? I can get them to serve another portion that is non-spicy. I can finish this one myself." Zheng Yan pointed at the huge plate of fish in front of her and remarked confidently.

    "Im just surprised that youre a glutton," Mo Yonghengs eyes flickered slightly as he replied lightly.

    Thereafter, he reached out his chopsticks and picked up a piece of fish from the plate.

    He was just about to eat it when he heard Zheng Yan answer, "Thats because youve only eaten with me a few times. Youll know over time that my appetite is much larger than most girls and I love chocolate the most. Its just that its fattening so I dont dare to eat too much of it. Its so maddening!"

    Mo Yongheng muttered, "I know."

    "No, you dont. I actually what did you just say?" Zheng Yan answered instinctively but was suddenly stunned for a moment and raised her head to look at him in astonishment.

    How did he know that she liked to eat chocolate?

    Mo Yongheng seemed to have realized that he had said too much and he collected his gaze slightly and lowered his head to take a bite of fish.

    After some time, seeing how Zheng Yan was still staring at him, he then started to explain himself.

    "Ive been to the Zheng Corporation. Your office has a mini-fridge that is full of chocolate inside. It shouldnt be any secret that you like to eat chocolate."


    Thats all?

    Zheng Yan lowered her gaze in disappointment, not knowing what she was expecting.

    She was actually expecting that he might have a different form of concern towards her like the older brother who lived next door and often passed chocolate to her at the corner of a wall.

    And then told her to be obedient.

    The reason she liked chocolate also started from then

    "Heres your wine!"