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    The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1464

    Chapter 1464 Inhumane When Petty

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    The waiter asked her repeatedly, having rarely seen such a customer who would ask for the strongest wine, and a gorgeous beauty at that.

    Seeing Zheng Yan hesitate for a moment, the waiter had thought that she probably did not want the wine anymore before she cocked her head to one side and asked, "If someone who cant hold their liquor well would pass out within one glass, how about someone who can hold their liquor? How many glasses would it take for them to pass out?"

    The waiter was completely dumbfounded by her question.

    "Forget it, forget it. Get me one bottle of this now. Ill ask for more if its not enough. Right, I want a cocktail that is the exact same color as this wine. Your restaurant should be able to concoct one right?"

    Zheng Yan asked sneakily.

    The waiter was stunned for a moment before he nodded his head.

    Satisfied, Zheng Yan then passed him a tip and told him not to serve the wine now but to serve it after the dishes have been served.

    She even reminded the waiter not to make a mistake and to serve the cocktail to her and the strong wine to Mo Yongheng.

    After arranging everything properly, Zheng Yan then headed towards the private room slowly while clutching her bag with assurance.

    Just as she reached the door of the private room, she ran into Mo Yongheng who had just arrived as well.

    Upon seeing that she was the one who appeared, Mo Yonghengs brows raised slightly and he appeared a little surprised.

    "Oh, its like this. Xiao Mumu had something on at the last minute and couldnt come. She was afraid youd be bored eating alone so she told me to come over to accompany you. Since I havent eaten either, why dont we eat together?"

    Zheng Yan met his gaze with the brightest smile on her face.

    She had never smiled like this in front of Mo Yongheng before and was used to being loud and casual. Given Mo Yonghengs cold and aloof personality, it would be useless to smile at him anyway.

    This was actually the first time Zheng Yan had flashed a flattering smile at him and she even opened the door of the private room to let him enter first.

    Mo Yongheng stared intently at her for a moment, thinking to himself that this wasnt the first time she had come here on Nian Xiaomus behalf anyway and thus didnt think of it as anything strange.

    The previous time he had not eaten dinner, it was she who had brought food to the company for him on Nian Xiaomus behalf.

    Mo Yongheng kept his gaze and walked into the private room.

    He had just sat down when Zheng Yan placed the menu in front of him.

    "Im not picky, you can choose the dishes to order. Its just that the weathers a little hot today, why dont we order a bottle of wine to drink? This one looks pretty good!" Zheng Yan opened the menu and pointed to the wine that she had already ordered in advance.

    "Lets taste it together?"


    Mo Yongheng furrowed his brows, internally disapproving of girls drinking such strong wine. But, facing her expectant gaze, he could not bear to reject her.

    He considerately ordered a few wine dishes for her, and then got the waiter to prepare some hangover tea in advance.

    Hearing that he suddenly wanted hangover tea, the emergency alarm in Zheng Yans head started to screech loudly.

    She sent a glance to signal the waiter not to really serve him the tea before returning to her own seat assuredly.

    She then began to pour water for Mo Yongheng.

    "I thought you were angry with me and would ignore me for a long time." Mo Yongheng touched the edge of the cup and looked up slowly at her.

    Hearing this, Zheng Yans hand froze in the act of pouring water.

    You know how overboard you went as well? If I wasnt magnanimous, I wouldnt be pouring you water now but splashing a jug of water on your face!

    But, in reality, the smile on the face remained bright and warm. Her beautiful phoenix eyes were even curled up with her smile.

    "What are you saying? Am I such a petty person?"Im inhumane when Im petty!

    "When you flared up at me then, I was really quite angry."Im still very angry now!

    "But, later on, when I thought about it, one should be magnanimous. You have your own thoughts and one can live selfishly I mean, it isnt that wrong to consider your own perspective." You might just suffer from retribution.