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    The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1463

    Chapter 1463 Dug A Hole For Him To Jump Into

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    With the slip of paper in her hand, Zheng Yan felt light all over as she stepped out of the private villa.

    For some reason, she suddenly felt an illusion that she had been tricked.

    But, upon recalling the scene of Nian Xiaomu sobbing so desperately, she felt that she was overthinking.

    Seeing that it was still early, she decided to drive back home first.

    Her head was still dizzy and after setting an alarm, she was completely knocked out in bed.

    At 6 pm in the evening, Zheng Yan was woken up by her alarm.

    She crept out of her covers in a daze and reached out to turn off her alarm before entering the bathroom while stroking her hair.

    After washing her face and taking a bath, she put on a face mask.

    Then, she changed into her clothes, did her makeup and chose her shoes

    When she walked out of her house, she had transformed into a sexy and gorgeous beauty!

    Along with the seven-centimeters-tall high heels she was wearing, there was no doubt people on the streets would definitely turn back to look at her.

    It was just a pity that she was driving.

    And it was a sports car over a million dollars at that.

    President Zheng doted on his daughter. Everyone knew that.

    Since she was young, Zheng Yan had been born with a silver spoon but was not a spoiled little princess. Instead, she had turned out to become an independent little vixen.

    Carrying her limited-edition handbag, her slender fingers swirled her car keys as she headed out of the house.

    She ran right into Zheng Hao who had come back at this moment. Seeing her dressed up so impeccably, Zheng Hao instantly snorted.

    "Wow, look at you all dressed up so nicely. Which sugar daddy is my sister going to please tonight? You dont even have a car to take you there and have to drive there yourself. Youre really working tirelessly!"


    Zheng Yan paused in her tracks and lowered her head to look at her outfit.

    After confirming that nothing was wrong with her outfit and even her makeup was flawless, she then cast a glance at Zheng Hao lazily.

    "Oh, Im willing to. What has it got to do with you? Im not like you, a useless prodigal son that nobody wants even if you throw yourself at them!"


    The words useless prodigal son seemed to have pricked Zheng Haos heart and his face turned ashen immediately.

    "What, did I say anything wrong?" Zheng Yan flicked her fingers and casually ran her hand through her hair, expressing her endless flirtatious charm.

    Her eyes, however, had no glint of warmth at all.

    "Zheng Hao, let me tell you. Everyone has a weakness. Im always letting you do as you wish not because Im scared of you, but I just cant be bothered to argue with you. You should learn your lesson and if you continue going too far, dont blame me for being harsh!"

    Zheng Yan used the tissue in her hand to point at Zheng Hao before mercilessly throwing it into the bin.

    As Zheng Hao became so enraged that he was on the verge of fainting, she turned to leave in a calm and composed manner.

    Her sports car flew past Zheng Hao and the tail gas even spurted out right on his face.

    "Zheng Yan, you better watch out"

    Inside the car, Zheng Yan obviously could not be bothered with him.

    She was using the rear mirror to check if her makeup was still flawless.

    After crying and having some sleep, she now felt different from before.

    Mo Yongheng had got her to give him a reason.

    Nian Xiaomu had got her to help seduce Mo Yongheng.

    Although the two had different viewpoints, their goals were the same, which were to cancel the marriage.

    Wouldnt that be easy?

    She was not confident about seducing Mo Yongheng, but making him drunk and getting some photos to portray an ambiguous relationship between them was something she was still good at.

    Back then, wasnt this how she had tamed Young Master Han and made him owe her a favor?

    At the thought of this, Zheng Yan stepped down on the gas pedal and accelerated the car to reach the restaurant sooner.

    Before she entered the private room, she went to the service counter to ask about the strongest wine the restaurant had and asked the waiter to serve it to them later on.

    "Miss Zheng, this wine is really strong. Someone who cant hold their liquor well would definitely pass out with one glass of this. Are you sure youre drinking this?"