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    The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1462

    Chapter 1462 I Cant Im Not Doing It

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    "Its simply because he cares too much about my grandfather. Its called blind loyalty, do you know that? Also, you should know how similar he is to a wooden block. Putting aside coaxing a girl, even getting him to say more words is hard. I bet that he has never been in a relationship before!"

    Nian Xiaomu paused for a moment before continuing.

    "Think about it, since hes never been in love before, he wouldnt know the memorable and reverberating feeling of liking someone! If he were to know this feeling, he would not bear to expose me and Yu Yuehan!"

    "So, you want me to seduce him and make him fall for me?" Zheng Yan muttered in hindsight.

    Upon meeting Nian Xiaomus affirmative gaze, she snapped back to her senses and shook her head violently like a rattle-drum.

    "I cant! Im not doing it!"


    "I can already imagine how great Mo Yonghengs perseverance is. If he were that easy to seduce, he would have been bewitched by some vixen already, how could I possibly come into play? Im afraid that before I seduce him, Id be thrown into the rubbish bin by him. How embarrassing would that be? Ill never go!"

    Zheng Yan did not realize that throughout the whole time, she was worried about the fact that Mo Yongheng would not take her bait, and not that she did not like Mo Yongheng.

    The difference between these two was neither big nor small.

    Nian Xiaomus eyes rolled around and she slowly asked her, "Then, if I arranged for other women to seduce him, do you have an opinion about that?"

    Zheng Yan muttered, "What opinion could I possibly have? Its not that I dont want to help you, the problem is that I think this solution is useless. I treated him so well previously and didnt he just simply say that he would marry you? Now, if I go and seduce him, wouldnt that be inviting myself to humiliation?"

    "Tsk, tsk! This isnt like you, our invincible little vixen! How could you admit defeat without even fighting?!" Nian Xiaomu lunged forward to her and asked while clutching onto her face.

    "Given your looks, if you really wanted to seduce a man, who would be able to resist it? Even if you cannot really make Mo Yongheng like you, at least you can create some evidence of having something going on between you two and bring this evidence to my grandfather so that our marriage can be canceled. You should know, if two people who dont love each other have to stay together forever, wed only be torturing each other!"


    Zheng Yan was instantly stunned by Nian Xiaomus words.

    She simply lay on the sofa blankly, unable to speak for a while.

    Although she usually liked joking around with Nian Xiaomu that she was a born vixen, she actually had not seduced anyone before.

    After knowing Mo Yongheng for a period of time, she had not had much interaction with him either.

    She was not completely sure what feelings Mo Yongheng had towards her

    But, Nian Xiaomu was right about what she had said.

    Mo Yongheng had not liked anyone before and had easily agreed to the marriage Mr. Mo arranged because he did not know the wonderful feeling of liking someone.

    If he was simply left to go on with this blunder, not only would it harm Yu Yuehan and Nian Xiaomu, it will also harm himself!

    It was as if Zheng Yan had found a reason to convince herself.

    Like a carp jumping up, she leaped upright from the sofa.

    "I cant guarantee that Ill succeed, but Ill try my best. If I mess up, dont blame me!"

    "Xiao Yanyan, I love you!" Nian Xiaomu rushed forward and wrapped her arms around her tightly.

    Then, she passed her a slip of paper from her pocket.

    "Ive asked Mo Yongheng out for dinner tonight and he agreed. This is the address. A candlelight dinner and whatnot are definitely the best at creating the perfect ambiance. Good luck!"