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    The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1420

    Chapter 1420 Who Is The Joke? 3

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    At the public square.

    The joyous dance continued.

    The torch festival was an important festival for the minority tribe. On this day, everyone would gather around, dance with a lighted torch and make their wishes.

    Zheng Yan had the liveliest personality.

    While having fun by herself, from the corner of her eye, she saw Fan Yu standing at the side. She went up without saying anything and dragged him into the crowd.

    How boring must it be to just watch? Dont tell me you dont know how to dance, you must know how to at least wave your hands and twist your waist, come on!

    Fan Yu stood in front of the fire pile in a white suit with the warm glow of the fire falling on his handsome face.

    His gaze had been following Nian Xiaomu and Zheng Yan in case of an incident while they were having fun.

    Suddenly pulled by Zheng Yan, he looked up at her subconsciously.

    Zheng Yan had a bright smile, and with her already outstanding looks, she looked prettier.

    That kind of sincere and clean smile was very influential.

    But Nian Xiaomu

    Just as Fan Yu was about to say something, he saw Yu Yuehan walking down from a car not far away and heading towards his direction.

    The fashion show had been very successful, there was nothing that could go wrong with the media and Yu Yuehan immediately rushed to the live scene. He walked onto the village square and hugged Nian Xiaomu into his arms.

    As if noticing the injuries on her legs, Yu Yuehan immediately carried her.

    Im alright, it is just a small abrasion, but Im really happy today. Just let me have fun for a while more, a little while more Nian Xiaomu tugged on his sleeve and said pitifully.

    Not sure if it was due to the dance or the heat from the fire pile, her face was red.

    Her complexion did look very healthy.

    Without waiting for Yu Yuehan to agree, she slid down from him and dragged him into the crowd.

    Come! You can even make a wish for the torch festival, come and make a wish with me, pray for yourself to work hard and give birth to a brother for Xiao Liuliu!

    This conversation cannot be carried on!

    Fan Yu? Fan Yu? Zheng Yan noticed that the person beside was drifting away and shifted beside him to look in the same direction.

    She immediately understood.

    Dont worry, there is Young Master Han to take care of Xiao Mumu, nothing will happen to her. On the other hand, you cannot carry on in this manner, come come come, Ill take you to dance and introduce some nice girls to you another day.

    Zheng Yan dragged Fan Yu to the front of the fire pile.

    And made him wish for his relationship status.

    Fan Yu was stunned for a while, but with his mouth curling into a warm smile, he turned back to look at her. According to what I know, you are single too. Instead of worrying for me, why not worry for yourself?

    You made a point! I need to make another wish for myself. God bless and let me quickly meet my Mr. Right, best if it was someone like the neighboring big brother, Id be really grateful

    Before Zheng Yan finished speaking, she suddenly thought of Mo Yongheng who was still under investigation.

    Her gaze darkened and she made a sigh. We are having so much fun here while Mo Yongheng is still being wrongly accused. We dont even know what he is doing now. If there is a chance next time, we must bring him here to experience this lively atmosphere. It would be great for him to come here and play given his boring personality!

    The more Zheng Yan said, the more she felt sorry for Mo Yongheng.

    Upon hearing this, Fan Yus gaze flickered and he opened his mouth.

    It is not that you have no way to celebrate with him, the fashion show is streamed live and has yet to end, he should be able to see if you go to the camera and help him make a wish.