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    Chapter 1419 Who Is The Joke? 2

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    What did you say? Mo Kun was stunned for a second before he raged. What are you talking about? If Fu Xi was successful, how can the fashion show not be canceled? Nian Xiaomu did not prepare any more professional models!

    It was going to be canceled and the ignorant villagers were persuaded by Fu Xi. They were already chasing Nian Xiaomu and her staff away. Who knew that Nian Xiaomu would suddenly go onto the square to dance

    Du Lis gaze flickered, it was hard to describe the scene at that point in time.

    He could only pick up the remote control and turn on the television.

    On the live stream, everything was harmonious.

    The scene of the lively square, with the beautiful tie-dyed clothes under the moonlight. Along with the people who were strangers but now as close as a family

    Even the staff of the Mo Corporation were included!

    It looked like a carnival for everyone.

    Which part of it looked like it was canceled at all? It was clearly successful, a success beyond expectations!

    This is impossible! Didnt Fu Xi say that she was the leader of the dance? If she didnt dance, would the others not cooperate with Nian Xiaomu? And that video, she showed to the villagers, why would the dumb villagers still believe Nian Xiaomu!

    Mo Kun reached out and grabbed Du Li by his collar, screaming at him.

    How happy he was previously was; how angry he was now.

    He wanted to go and watch Nian Xiaomus misery, now he had become the biggest joke!

    Mo Kun thought of something, pushed Du Li away, and took out his phone to view a website.

    Just three minutes ago, the latest headline had already been taken over by Mo Corporations successful fashion show.

    Breaking the record number of viewers on television, online and the speed of live comments refreshing every second

    Every record was being flashed on the headlines of the media.

    Mo Kun scrolled down unwilling to accept the fact, but he was unable to find any negative news about it.

    Everyone was praising Nian Xiaomu for promoting the ethnic culture. They even took the initiative to support the Mo Corporation with hopes to help it preserve the ethnic culture and the events that promoted outstanding ethnic handicrafts!

    He had lost

    He had lost everything!

    After three years, I suddenly remembered that when Mr. Mo was still the president, he held such events more than once. Looking back, the Mo Corporation only started to become less humane after the current president took over. I support the Mo Corporation to change president! Support Nian Xiaomu!

    I have a friend at the fashion show location. According to a reliable source, someone tried to destroy the fashion show, it was Vice-President Nian who turned the tide and saved this fashion show. Did you guys see the leading dancer? She was Vice-President Nian!

    Oh gosh, are you serious? Ive just decided to become a fan of the dance lead, now Ive decided to become her fan forever!

    Wait a moment, someone tried to destroy the fashion show? Lets think, who would be the mastermind behind it? I vote the current president of the Mo Corporation!

    I vote for him too!

    The voting that appeared out of the blue sparked crazy participation.

    Within a few minutes, there were already countless comments under the main post with the same suspicion.

    Mo Kun thought he had hidden himself well. Once Nian Xiaomu failed, he would immediately call for a board discussion and remove her from her position, kicking her out of the corporation.

    Now, however

    Now perhaps the person who was about to be investigated and kicked out of the corporation would be him!

    Nian Xiaomu!

    Mo Kun growled in anger and smashed his phone onto the wall with might.