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    Chapter 1418 Who Is The Joke? 1

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    It was over a billion!

    In the short half an hour, the situation changed from having to cancel the fashion show to over a billion viewers online.

    This was a miracle!

    A miracle that no one dared to imagine!

    The director lifted his head and looked at the torches waving in the square along with the villagers and staff members who gathered around the fire.

    Even the staff in charge of safety, along with the bodyguards who always had a poker face, took off their black jackets and joined in the crowd dancing around the fire, along with the music

    The scene shown through the cameras influenced everyone at the event location and the audiences in front of the televisions and computers.

    The live comments almost flooded the entire screen.

    Cool First time seeing a live stream like this, it is so influential that Im dying to change into a set of clothes and dance with them!

    The pretty lady who danced the opening dance is gorgeous, her dress is so pretty as well!

    This fashion show is so unique. If the Mo Corporation has similar events in the future, can they open it up to the public for registration? Really want to watch it live

    The beauty of tie-dye is outstanding under the firelight, it is really pretty!

    Actions speak louder than words, I am a fan of theirs now!

    I want to support the Mo Corporation and the lady who danced the opening dance too!


    The number of comments that appeared on the screen every second was overwhelming. They overlapped each other to the extent where the comments could no longer be seen.

    The number of searches regarding tie-dye was also rising rapidly.

    Although it was a fashion show, it managed to raise awareness of tie-dye and ethnic culture to the public.

    Within a short period of time, media reports and discussions by netizens were everywhere.

    This caused a wave of Protect outstanding ethnic culture and understand the beauty of creative tie-dye to appear.

    Not only tie-dye, but other outstanding handicrafts of ethnic cultures were also starting to gain attention from netizens. Initiatives to publicize and preserve these cultures were also started as a result!

    Meanwhile, in the Mo Familys villa.

    Mo Kun sat on a solid wood sofa and held onto a cup of tea, as he enjoyed it slowly.

    He received the call from Du Li just now saying that he had completed the task.

    It was unexpected that Fu Jin would still be of use even when he was in prison!

    What else was more unexpected than having a traitor within the committee.

    Nian Xiaomu definitely did not expect that her assistant for the fashion show was Fu Jins sister.

    Her assistant had suddenly become the killer, without the leader to start the dance and the cooperation of the villagers, the fashion show is probably a joke by now!

    To fight with him would have dire consequences!

    Butler, get me another pot of tea.

    He was not going to sleep tonight, he would stay awake and watch Nian Xiaomu cripple under his hands!

    Mo Kun thought of it with a grin. He crossed his legs, picked up the remote control and was about to turn on the television.

    Before the television was turned on, Du Li rushed over from the door.

    Mo Kun stood up immediately and sneered.

    How is the fashion show, is it completely hopeless now? Nian Xiaomu prepared for so long for it, she definitely did not expect to lose everything. She must be in a miserable state now, this is hilarious. Never mind, I will not watch the television anymore, ask the butler to prepare the car. I want to go to the event location and watch her cry in despair!

    As Mo Kun spoke, he reached for his jacket and prepared to leave.

    Just as he walked in front of Du Li, Du Li suddenly bowed.

    President Mo, Fu Xi was successful, but the fashion show was not canceled.