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    Chapter 1417 Reborn Victory 8

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    Xiao Mumu!

    Zheng Yan shouted when she saw Nian Xiaomus injured sole.

    She bit her lip and looked at the surrounding staff. Are there any more clothes that are for the fashion show?

    I have one with me!

    A designer answered and passed the dress to Zheng Yan.

    Zheng Yan went back to her car, changed and went up onto the square to dance with Nian Xiaomu!

    Two beautiful women, wearing brightly colored clothes, were dancing along with the music barefooted.

    Such a scene attracted thousands of viewers instantly and the number was growing

    Then, someone shouted, Lets all dance with Vice-President Nian!

    Everyone agreed.

    All the staff who were standing around took all the clothes that could be worn and joined the dance.

    The designers had no more clothes left and they joined the dance in their work attire.

    A few moments ago, it was tense and they were suspecting each other. Now, it was all gone.

    There were only bonfires and the people who were dancing around the bonfires left

    Many of the senior workers in the factory were from the minority tribe.

    It was their festival.

    When the melodious song and the simple dance sounded on the square, all the hostile villagers attitudes gradually changed

    No one noticed Fu Xi who was in a corner. She held onto the dress she changed out of as she cried and looked at Nian Xiaomu who was in the crowd.

    Sorry sorry

    She didnt mean to, but she had no choice.

    She only had one family member left!

    She thought she had made the correct choice. Like how her brother would not tell her what was going on and protected her.

    She should protect her brother too!

    However, the moment she saw Nian Xiaomu wearing the dress she had given her and dancing in front of the bonfire, she felt like someone pierced a hole in her heart.

    The cold wind gushed in

    She only remembered that she had to protect her brother. But, she forgot that tie-dye was something she also swore to protect with her life!

    It was something that ran in her blood, something that her forefathers survived on.

    Fu Xi stood up and ran up to the girls who were supposed to be dancing the opening dance with her. She hugged them, said something and passed the dress to them.

    Then, she ran off in tears

    The few girls were stunned and took a while to recover.

    When they did, they walked towards the square and danced what was originally prepared.

    The joy that the song and dance brought was contagious.

    Or maybe it was Nian Xiaomus sincerity that moved the villagers.

    The villagers that were standing at the side, picked up their torches

    One of them.

    Two of them.

    Three of them

    The torches slowly filled the square.

    They were scattered, then they formed a circle.

    Everyone who was surrounded by the torched was singing and dancing joyously.

    No matter whether it was the villagers or the Mo Corporation staff, they soon forgot that it was a fashion show. They were holding each others hands and immersed in the celebration!

    Outside the scene, the director looked away from the monitor and was about to heave a sigh of relief. Then, he saw the number of people watching the live stream and gasped!