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    Chapter 1416 Reborn Victory 7

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    If the media started to report that the fashion show was canceled, by then, they wouldnt be able to do anything

    Manager Hong is not back yet. Vice-President Nian, Im afraid that Fu Xi has gone into hiding. If we cant find her, what do we do? Do we cancel the fashion show? Someone asked worriedly.

    They had done so much preparation and invited many outstanding designers to design the clothes. Including publicity, it was a huge sum spent.

    If they were to cancel, not only they would lose that amount of money. It would also affect how the public viewed the Mo Corporation.

    And the factory that was rebuilding

    The colleagues looked at each other and were all disappointed.

    Only Nian Xiaomu had no expression.

    She stared hard at the roaring bonfire.

    It was as if she could imagine how spectacular the event would be if the fashion show was held successfully.

    Everyone would be holding hands, surrounding the bonfire, dancing and celebrating

    The vibrant colored clothes would look dazzling under the firelight from the bonfire

    Nian Xiaomu lowered her gaze and walked towards the car.

    When everyone thought that she was about to leave, they realized that the car did not start.

    After a few minutes, the door reopened.

    Nian Xiaomu stepped out and they realized that she had changed into a tie-dyed dress.

    It was the dress that Fu Xi gave to her.

    She had kept it with her. At first, she wanted to change into it when the live stream was over to celebrate with the villagers.

    However, she changed into it now

    Nian Xiaomus features were gorgeous, with her white skin. She looked more amiable and gentle after she had changed into the unique tie-dye dress.

    When she walked towards the rest, she was stunningly gorgeous.

    Almost everyone was stunned and had no idea what she wanted to do.

    Nian Xiaomu walked past everyone and walked up onto the square.

    She took off her high heels.

    She stepped onto the ground barefooted. As the firelight fell on her face, it made her glow.

    She was standing in the middle of all the bonfires, like a phoenix that was about to be reborn.

    That scene was breathtaking!

    The director who was in charge of the live stream was a very experienced director. When he saw the scene in front of him, he immediately asked his assistant to start the live stream.

    To everyones astonishment, Nian Xiaomu started to dance in front of the camera

    Her dance was the dance that Fu Xi was supposed to be dancing.

    The dance was choreographed by Fu Xi, she thought it looked really pretty and had learned it too.

    She had a great memory and had a dance background. She had watched Fu Xi a few times and got it.

    A dance from the minority tribe was extra captivating under the light of the bonfire.

    It was like the human body was conveying a message

    When the angsty villagers saw Nian Xiaomu return to the square, they fell silent.

    They stared at Nian Xiaomu dancing on the square.

    When Fan Yu and Zheng Yan reached, Nian Xiaomu was the only one dancing on the square.

    She was like a fairy, dancing with the flames.

    From her determined gaze, she also looked like a queen about to conquer everything, a phoenix that was about to be reborn!