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    Chapter 1415 Reborn Victory 6

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    Ive just received news that Fu Xis parents died early and he only had a younger sister left. Back then, he had the chance to leave the village and study in another city because of the money his sister earned from selling tie-dyed cloth to pay for his school fees. After Fu Jin graduated, he entered the Mo Corporation and old Mr. Mo probably knew his background and his passion for tie-dyeing which was why he was sent to the clothing factory to work. Ill tell you the rest later on, but theres something thats very important. You guys know Fu Jins sister too. Its the girl you met in the village, Fu Xi!

    Nian Xiaomus body jerked in shock!

    Because of this surprise, her eyes instantly widened.

    Fu Xi and Fu Jin were siblings?

    My parents passed on quite early, so only my brother and I were left. Now that tie-dyeing isnt as popular as it used to be, my brother has left to find a job to earn a living. Im the only one living here now.

    The words Fu Xi once said rung in Nian Xiaomus ears once again.

    Half of the people in the village all had the same surname. There was not only Fu Xi but also Fu Mei, Fu Yu, Fu Tian

    Such names were extremely common in the village, which was why she had not connected Fu Xis name to Fu Jins!

    Just when Nian Xiaomu was still in shock, Fan Yus phone was taken over by Zheng Yan.

    Xiao Mumu, I just remembered where Ive seen the girl in that picture I saw. It was at the detention center! When I went to see Mo Yongheng, I saw Fu Jin by chance. He was drawing, and the girl in his drawing was wearing a dress exactly the same as Fu Xis. It was just that he had not finished drawing the girls face then and I only saw the dress, so I was never able to recall it

    Zheng Yans words were not going into Nian Xiaomus ears at all.

    The images of Fu Xi from the times she had met her previously flashed past her mind.

    The young girl was full of vigor.

    Her innocent-looking eyes and love for tie-dyeing were clearly shown on her face.

    There was no way ones eyes would lie. If Fu Xi had wanted to take revenge for her brother from the very start, Nian Xiaomu would have realized there was something amiss with her.

    However, she had not!

    Fu Xis passion for tie-dyeing deeply moved Nian Xiaomu.

    It was her appearance that was the inspiration for Nian Xiaomu holding this fashion show today.

    But, Nian Xiaomu would never have expected that the one who would ruin this show would be her!

    Vice-President Nian, do you know? If not for tie-dyeing, my brother and I would have starved to death.

    I like tie-dyeing and making clothes out of it. My brother always wanted to take me to live in the city, but I could never bear to leave this place. This is the place I grew up

    If more people will be able to see the beauty of tie-dyeing, Ill do anything you want me to

    Such a simple-minded and innocent girl possessed a deep love for this land as well as for tie-dyeing.

    She wanted to stay here to protect the skill her ancestors had passed on and to let more people get to know tie-dyeing and fall in love with it.

    Why did she suddenly change into another person at this point in time?

    Nian Xiaomu recovered from her stupor and turned to give her instruction. Manager Hong, dont rush into persuading the villagers yet. Help me to find Fu Xi. Only when we find her can we find out the cause of why this happened tonight!


    Although Manager Hong did not know what had happened, he did not doubt Nian Xiaomus words one bit.

    Since Nian Xiaomu wanted him to find Fu Xi, he headed into the village without any hesitation.

    Nian Xiaomu and the rest of the staff members had been chased to the perimeters of the village square. As time ticked by, half an hour was almost up!