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    Chapter 1414 Reborn Victory 5

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    Exactly! They had not invited a single model for this fashion show and were relying solely on the villagers cooperation.

    Upon hearing that at least a billion people would witness this magnificent celebration of the torch festival and the beauty of tie-dyeing, the villagers were all looking forward to the event.

    The details of many designs were all suggestions provided by the villagers to perfect the fashion show tonight.

    But, who would have expected that the ones who gave up on the fashion show at the last minute, would be the very people who were filled with the most anticipation towards it

    If it was just a fashion show, things wouldnt be that bad.

    But, this was the very show which decided whether the clothing factory would be rebuilt and whether Nian Xiaomu could help redress Mo Yonghengs grievance.

    Even whether she could establish her authority in the company was critically linked to this fashion show!

    The effort they had put in all this time now went down the drain

    Every single staff member there felt beyond indignant!

    But, so what?

    The director was right. All the villagers had left and the clothing they had taken great pains to design was more or less destroyed. Other than canceling the fashion show, what else could they do?

    The villagers merely have some misunderstanding towards us. If we can explain this to them clearly, there must still be room to salvage things! Ill explain it to them! Manager Hong reached out to wipe a tear from the corner of his eye and was about to head towards the village.

    The only person who could go near the villagers now and not be chased away would be him!

    Nian Xiaomu had just thought of something when her phone started ringing.

    They had to guard against Mo Kun, which was why news of the fashion show had not been released earlier. But, since it was released, the effectiveness of its publicity would likely take a toll.

    This was why Yu Yuehan was not by her side but had stayed in the city to communicate with the media representatives on her behalf.

    By now, he should have seen the online reports and know that something had gone wrong with the fashion show.

    His voice was low and deep, and he spoke straight to the point.

    Ive stopped all the media representatives from releasing any news and the number of speculations online now isnt that significant. You have half an hour to solve the problem and start the live-streaming!

    After a pause, his lips parted as he spoke again. This time, his voice was much gentler and he spoke each word with a pause between.

    Nian Xiaomu, dont give up until the last minute!

    Nian Xiaomus gaze flickered slightly and a strong gush of warmth entered her heart.

    Even though she knew he couldnt see, she still nodded her head firmly.

    After the call ended, she immediately turned to ask Manager Hong, Who gave you that randomly edited video? We need to find the person who misled the villagers first before we can regain the trust of the villagers!

    This I dont know either. Ive asked around and everyones angry about the video, but no one knows who sent it. Moreover, there are other such reports online so everyone believed in it completely!

    Manager Hong seemed to have realized the crux of the problem.

    He had been certain all this time that the villagers were on the same side as them.

    They would not be bribed by Mo Kun easily and even if Mo Kun could really bribe one or two of them, it wouldnt be able to change things.

    But, he never expected Mo Kun to be far more sly than they had imagined.

    By just using a video consisting of several small clips, he was able to stir up the emotions of the simple-minded villagers and make them doubt the motive of holding this fashion show.

    Nian Xiaomu was right. If they could not find the person behind this and settle the root of the issue, the villagers would not believe them.

    Ill go and ask around immediately!

    Wait a moment! Nian Xiaomu saw that Fan Yu was calling her and immediately picked up.

    From the other end of the line, Fan Yus voice which was usually warm and composed sounded slightly anxious.