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    Chapter 1413 Reborn Victory 4

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    However, they werent here to start the fashion show, but to chase them away!

    Whats going on? What happened? Upon witnessing such a scene, Nian Xiaomu instantly had a bad premonition.

    Without any hesitation, she got Manager Hong to console the villagers and instructed all the security guards not to come into conflict with them and to get everyone to leave the perimeters of the village square first.

    Vice-President Nian, its time for the live-stream already! All the netizens are waiting to see the live-stream, but now The director in charge of the fashion show muttered with a worried look upon finding Nian Xiaomu.

    All the villagers had turned back on their word at the last minute.

    Other than the blazing flame in the center of the village square, there was not a single person at all.

    Around the village square, the clothing that was originally custom-made for the fashion show had been ripped to pieces and thrown onto the ground.

    The vibrant tie-dyed accessories, which were originally exceptionally brightly-colored and beautiful under the bright moonlight, were now stepped into the mud, along with the trust the villagers had towards them

    Nian Xiaomu did not speak a word, she simply waited until Manager Hong was back.

    Have you found out what happened? The villagers, like us, want to protect the skill of tie-dyeing. The event activity had been communicated to them in advance as well. Why were they suddenly unwilling to cooperate?

    And where was Fu Xi?

    Nian Xiaomu remembered that when she first came up with the idea of holding a fashion show in the village, Fu Xi was the happiest one of them all.

    She liked tie-dyeing and designing clothes made from it.

    It was also she who suggested convincing the others in the village to practice a traditional dance as the opening segment of the fashion show.

    After what happened, Nian Xiaomu originally wanted to find her to ask about the situation but she was nowhere to be seen!

    After asking the people around, they all said that they had seen her just a while ago and were not sure where she was now.

    Ive gone to ask, but the villagers are all very agitated and saying that were not sincere about promoting tie-dyeing for them and just using them as publicity. Theyre saying that the Mo Corporation has already terminated the project officially and is going to shut down the clothing factory!

    Manager Hong took out his phone and showed Nian Xiaomu a video clip.

    The source of the clip was unknown but the person inside was someone Nian Xiaomu would recognize even if he was burnt to ashes!

    It was Mo Kun!

    A video clip of Mo Kun suggesting the closure of the clothing factory had been edited out.

    The pictures of the clothing factory in flames were also inside the video and the issue of the clothing factorys fake accounts was also magnified

    Everything that was mentioned inside the video had truly happened.

    But, each incident had been distorted and twisted into a huge lie!

    The Mo Corporation was so devoted to promoting tie-dyeing, but this had been distorted into an act of using it for publicity and in fact, building a factory to engage in illegal dealings

    The video went viral amongst the villagers and those simple-minded villagers believed they had been used.

    Thinking that they had become accomplices of evil-doers and had ruined the reputation of the torch festival and tie-dyeing, they refused to cooperate with the fashion show and wanted to chase all of them out of the village!

    Oh no, Vice-President Nian! Someone uploaded a picture of villagers fighting the security guards and those netizens who were waiting to watch the live-stream are now making a huge fuss. All sorts of rumors are spreading online now. If the fashion show really gets canceled, the consequences will be unimaginable!

    The secretary following Nian Xiaomu around reported in a panic-stricken manner.

    The director at one corner sighed, Everyones gone now. What else can we do besides cancel it?