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    Chapter 1412 Reborn Victory 3

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    Mo Kuns eyes narrowed. What idea do you have in mind? Theres no need to hide!

    Has President Mo forgotten how Fu Jin agreed to work for us? Because of that person, he was even willing to go to jail and insist that Mo Yongheng instructed him to do it. If that person knew what Fu Jin did for her, do you think shell help us ruin the fashion show for the sake of him?

    A sinister smile curled up on the corner of Du Lis lips.

    He looked just like a devil from hell.

    Hearing this, Mo Kun was stunned for a moment but very soon, a similar smile flashed on his face.

    Then, what are you waiting for? Contact her quickly and tell her. No matter what method she uses, she has to stop tonights fashion show. Otherwise, shell have to wait to hear the news of Fu Jins death!

    Yes, Ill go and get it done personally! Du Li bowed respectfully before turning to leave the Mo Family villa.

    Meanwhile, in the village.

    As the last ray of the sunset gradually disappeared, the clear skies quickly turned dark.

    A bright and clear crescent moon hung mid-air.

    The rays of moonlight that shone down were warm and bright.

    The villagers were all gathered near the village square and waiting for the guards signal to enter and light up the fire.

    The young girls who were to start the show were changing and putting on makeup in the dressing room.

    The minority ethnic members had their own accessories and dance. Combining both together was definitely enough to impress the audience!

    Putting this segment as the opening would then be able to catch everyones attention instantly.

    Fu Xi, are you done? Its almost time, Someone went to the dressing room to ask.

    She was the one leading the dance and the first to make her appearance.

    Almost done. Wait for me outside, Ill be out immediately! Fu Xi turned around and replied with all smiles.

    Alright, hurry.

    The few other dancers left the dressing room first.

    Fu Xi hurriedly put down the clothes she had changed out of and was about to go out when her phone rang

    At the village square, the professional director and cameramen had set up cameras at every corner of the village square and were ready to officially start the grand event once the time came.

    Nian Xiaomu stood at one corner of the village square, taking in the entire view with her expectant eyes.

    If her grandfather recovered from his illness, he would be able to personally witness tie-dyeing being presented to everyone in such a manner. He would be thrilled

    Manager Hong stood by her side and the moment the director gave the cue to light up the fire, his eyes reddened with the fire that lit up.

    He was about to lament about how he hadnt expected the factory to be preserved and for them to carry out such a meaningful event when he suddenly realized that something seemed amiss.

    Why are all the villagers missing?

    According to the timeline of events, when the fire in the center was lit, the villagers would enter the village square while raising fire torches.

    They would then gather around the huge fire in the center and the young girls wearing the clothing produced by the designer would come in dancing their traditional ethnic dance

    But, now that the fire in the center had been lit, not a single person was appearing in the village square!

    Vice-President Nian, theres bad news!

    From afar, someone was approaching anxiously and dashing all the way to Nian Xiaomu.

    Vice-President Nian, I dont know whats with the villagers. They suddenly refused to enter the village square and started calling us unscrupulous businessmen. They said they wont be used by us anymore. Some even tore the clothing produced by the designer and wanted to chase us out of the village. What do we do now?

    Once the person was done speaking, some villagers with raised fire torches in their hands appeared around the village square.