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    Chapter 1411 Reborn Victory 2

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    Its always better to be safe than sorry. Nian Xiaomu muttered as she looked at the peaceful village, her brows creased slightly.

    This fashion show was not just for the factory, but also to enable more people to understand the art of tie-dyeing.

    And Mo Yongheng

    More people around her were being implicated as Mo Kun was dealing with them one by one. Only if she won the battle could she have a chance to defeat Mo Kun and save Mo Yongheng!

    The calm before the storm was but just the surface of things.

    Now, no one could afford to relax

    I understand, Ill personally keep an eye during the event until you inform the flame to be lit! Manager Hong replied before turning to head back to the village square.

    Meanwhile, in the Mo Familys villa.


    The loud shattering of a flower vase sounded from the living room.

    Mo Kun stood before the sofa, his thunderous eyes glaring at Du Li in front of it. He roared as he reached out to grab him by the collar,

    What did you just say? Repeat yourself!

    President Mo, weve just received news that Nian Xiaomu planned a fashion show in secret. News of it was completely concealed beforehand and she only let Hong Shi take charge of it personally. It was just an hour ago that she informed various media representatives about it

    With that, Du Li passed the promotion poster in his hand to Mo Kun.

    The vibrant poster had the Mo Corporation and clothing factorys logos printed on it. A series of clothing apparel made from tie-dyed cloth were presented with their contrasting colors and formed into the shape of a phoenix, with a flame rising in the middle.

    The theme wasA Phoenix Reborn from Ashes: The Beauty of Tie-dyeing Re-emerges!

    Upon seeing the poster in his hand, Mo Kuns face instantly changed.

    The poster even included the detailed history of tie-dyeing and the Mo Corporations management vision.

    Returning to the arms of traditional culture, understanding the art of tie-dyeing!

    Inheriting not just the skill, but the outstanding traditional culture!

    Traditional culture belongs to the world!

    The promotion slogans that Nian Xiaomu had prepared not only aimed to evoke others feelings, but were also filled with a rich sense of duty.

    The daring method of not using professional models but getting those who practiced tie-dyeing to present its beauty. Such a unique fashion show would not just intrigue the curiosity of ordinary people, but even Mo Kun!

    If she were to really use the torch festival as a way to successfully hold a fashion show, her reputation as Vice-President Nian would probably overshine his status as President Mo.

    Moreover, before that stupid old man had died from his illness, he had passed the Mo Family warrant to Nian Xiaomu.

    When that actually happened, no matter within the Mo Family or the Mo Corporation, no one would listen to him anymore

    He simply could not watch as the fashion show took place successfully!

    Hurry and take some men to the fashion show and create some trouble before it begins. You mustnt let the live streaming start successfully! Mo Kun tore the promotional poster in his hands into pieces and threw them onto the fragments of the flower vase, whilst ordering Du Li.

    Du Lis brows moved slightly, but he remained rooted to the ground.

    Mo Kun hollered, What are you still waiting for? Theres not much time already, hurry and go! If Nian Xiaomu is to succeed at this, it will be our doomsday tomorrow!

    Im afraid creating trouble at the event now will be of little use, Du Li adjusted the cap on his head and replied.

    A sly look flashed across the face which was hidden under his cap.

    From what I know, Nian Xiaomu must have kept her guard up against us, which was why she intentionally prevented news from leaking. Now, the bodyguards at the fashion show would probably outnumber the men we can gather there. Itd be useless to go in now. I actually have a good idea