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    Chapter 1410 Reborn Victory 1

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    Dont worry Vice-President Nian, we know our boundaries now!

    Manager Hong brought the colleagues from the public relations department to carry out the plan Nian Xiaomu had spent the night working on.

    Time passed very quickly.

    The rebuilding of the clothing factory was progressing and the public paid close attention to it. Amidst the high attention, the public received news that the clothing factory was going to organize a fashion show to celebrate the reopening of the factory.

    The venue was not City Ns expo center or a clothing shop but at a secluded village.

    After the news of the unusual fashion show was released, it immediately got the attention of all parties.

    Everyone was curious about what Nian Xiaomu was trying to do.

    How successful will a village fashion show be?

    Manager Hong was walking out of the village square and wiping his sweat when he saw Nian Xiaomu. He immediately went up to her and reported enthusiastically, Vice-President Nian, everything is ready!

    Nian Xiaomu looked at the huge village square that had already been decorated according to the traditions of the village.

    Around the village square were small stacks of firewood, in the middle, there was a huge stack of firewood. The moment it was lit, the lively torch festival would begin.

    The sky was not completely dark yet.

    It was only dusk as the sun was setting above the peaceful village square.

    Nian Xiaomu had prepared for todays fashion show for a long time.

    No famous models were invited, only teenage girls from the village were employed.

    They had been familiar with tie-dye since they were young, they knew about tie-dye and their clothes were mainly made from tie-dyed material.

    Fu Xi was one of them.

    There were a lot more young girls like her in the village.

    Nian Xiaomu followed her that day to visit many of the girls in the village who liked to wear the skirts made from the cloth they tie-dyed daily.

    The design of the skirt was simple but had a strong ethnic touch.

    They were lively, cheerful and unique.

    There were also villagers who had worked on tie-dyeing for their entire life.

    Tie-dyeing had already become such a part of their life that nobody could describe the characteristic of tie-dyeing better than them.

    Plus the torch festival carried the strong atmosphere of the tribe.

    In Nian Xiaomus eye, they were the most suitable models for tonight!

    She had prepared well beforehand; when the sun set and the moment the fire was lit, the entire scene of the torch festivals fashion show would be live-streamed on television channels and online.

    Every audience in front of the television or computer would be able to see a festival that belonged to a minority tribe and tie-dye.

    They would be able to experience the beauty of tie-dye from the actual villagers and young girls.

    The clothing that was custom-made and designed according to the villagers habits has arrived, the cameras on the square are also ready. Everything is ready, we are only waiting for the right time to start!

    Thank you for your hard work. Nian Xiaomu gave Manager Hong a glass of water and reminded him.

    The news has already been released and the media have received it. It means that Mo Kun definitely knows about it too. The fashion show is about to start, we still cannot let our guards down!

    Dont worry Vice-President Nian, I am familiar with almost everyone in the village, when Mr. Mo was still here, I was already accompanying him to the village. The villagers are simple-minded and see tie-dyeing as their life like us. It is not easy for anyone to bribe them!

    Manager Hong said with much confidence.

    Even if he could bribe one or two people, could he possibly bribe the entire village?