The Rest Of My Life Is For You
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    Chapter 1409 Daddi Is The Best All The Best Daddi 4

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    Pretty Sister also said, if I have one brother a year, two brothers in three years. Including the brother in auntys tummy, Xiao Liuliu will have a lot of little brothers Xiao Liuliu wants to help out great-grandma with work and earn money to support my little brothers!

    Zheng Yan, come out, we need to talk!

    She even said things like giving birth to two in three years. Why does she feel that after this her sole purpose would be to give birth to little brothers for Xiao Liuliu?

    Before Nian Xiaomu could recover from such a horrifying life plan, Xiao Liuliu jumped down from the sofa. She dragged her cartoon luggage and walked out.

    She was muttering. Xiao Liuliu is not tired. Xiao Liuliu is old enough now, I am strong enough now. I will protect my little brother and I will be the prettiest and most awesome older sister!

    Xiao Liuliu, you changed.

    You used to only have me in your mind.

    Nian Xiaomu did not know what Zheng Yan had told Xiao Liuliu. Yu Yuehan and her were afraid that Xiao Liuliu would be upset that they were going to send her away. However, she was overjoyed.

    Before she got onto the car, she even ran back and patted Nian Xiaomus stomach.

    She told Nian Xiaomus stomach. Buck up!

    When Yu Yuehan carried her onto the car she told him.Daddi is the best! All the best Daddi!

    When the car drove off, Nian Xiaomu ran off to the side of the pavement and started to retch.

    However, she did not vomit anything out and her chest felt stuffy.

    She did not have any energy left in her.

    When she saw Yu Yuehan beside her, she fell into his arms.

    Oh no, Xiao Liuliu wants a little brother so badly. I am starting to wonder if I am pregnant. Yu Yuehan, there is a psychological illness called phantom pregnancy. It refers to a woman who desires to be pregnant so much, that she will start to show symptoms of pregnancy. Do you think this is counted?

    I think you shouldnt take me for a check-up on my body. Get me a psychologist instead, or you should get yourself checked up. You try so hard, yet there is no result. It must be your problem!


    Nian Xiaomu, if you still want to sleep, youd better stop talking.

    Yu Yuehans face fell and he wanted to smack her. But, he looked at her pale face and could not bear it.

    He could only carry her back into the room and force her to rest.

    When he finished his work in the study room and went to wake her up to eat. He realized that she was not in the room.

    He turned downstairs and the butler informed him in the living room, Young Master Han, Young Mistress went to the clothing factory. She told me to tell you that you should go and see a doctor if needed. You will not recover if you hide your illness and not see a doctor.

    In the clothing factory.

    Nian Xiaomu did not inform many people. She called Manager Hong secretly and a few other public relations department colleagues that were trustworthy.

    She asked them to prepare the proposal that she had done overnight.

    The preparations must be done quietly. Do not let any information out. Next month is the traditional torch day, the event will be on that day!

    Traditional festival and cultural craft, tie-dye.

    Mo Kun will lose terribly this time!