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    Nian Xiaomu stared at her with confusion.

    To phrase it simply, it means that we admire each other but just as friends. We get along pretty well, but not as lovers. We are brothers!

    Zheng Yan hugged Nian Xiaomu by the shoulder and explained.

    However, you can be assured that he no longer has feelings for you. He is just accustomed to guarding your side. He told me that after the Mo Family issue, he will leave and not ruin your relationship with Young Master Han.

    Nian Xiaomu was touched and she looked at Fan Yu, who was calling.

    The image she was seeing in front of her coincided with the first time she saw him at the banquet.

    He was like jade, and there wasnt anything that was equivalent to him in this world.

    The reason she wanted Fan Yu and Zheng Yan to get together was not because she was afraid that Fan Yu would ruin her relationship with Yu Yuehan, she knew that Fan Yu was not like that.

    She just hoped that he would meet the right person and find his own happiness.

    He was a great person and should be cherished!

    Are you guys done with talking?

    Yu Yuehan walked down the stairs and over to Nian Xiaomu with a cup in his hand. He passed the cup to Nian Xiaomu.

    Nian Xiaomu did not take it. Instead, she drank straight from his hand.

    Nope. We are still discussing how to publicize in order to show the uniqueness of tie-dye

    Before Nian Xiaomu could finish her sentence. She heard Zheng Yan take a deep breath.

    She looked like she was being tortured and she hid in the corner of the sofa. She held a pillow in front of her and was shouting at Fan Yu in the distance. Brother Yu, are you done calling? There are people who are displaying their affection in public!

    When Fan Yu came back, the number of people in the living room increased from three to four.

    Nian Xiaomu was not in good condition and Yu Yuehan held her in his arms.

    Fan Yu glanced at them and did not have much of a reaction.

    Zheng Yan was looking at the photos with great interest.

    To be honest, the tie-dyes are really pretty. Look at the dress in this picture, the colors used are bold and the design is simple. They have their tribes unique characteristic

    Zheng Yan was a fashionista, her judgment would not go wrong.

    However, they needed a way for others to see tie-dye the same way she did.

    What did you just say? Nian Xiaomu turned and asked Zheng Yan.

    The clothes in the photo look great.

    Not that!

    Zheng Yan raised the photo. The colors used are bold and the design is simple?

    No, the sentence after that! You said that they have their tribes unique characteristic?

    Zheng Yan nodded. Yeah, it is not just about the pattern. The color of the fabric and the design gives an overall simple feeling. When they wear it, it makes people look forward to it!

    The fast pace of modern society causes people to neglect many things.

    These photos gave her a comfortable feeling.

    Nian Xiaomus eyes widened!

    Ive thought of a new publicity plan!