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    After talking to Fu Xi, she asked her to take her around the village to meet the villagers.

    The photographs on the coffee table were all taken by her.

    They were the results of her on-site inspection. They would be useful in the future for new projects.

    The girl in this photo is called Fu Xi. I met her coincidentally, she has great craftsmanship. The fabrics that she produces are unique and brightly colored However, according to her, she hardly leaves the village. How do you know her?

    Nian Xiaomu took the photo from Zheng Yan and asked curiously.

    Zheng Yan frowned and thought about it. Then, she shook her head. I am not sure. I just find her familiar, as if I just met her somewhere

    Zheng Yan looked hesitant.

    She picked up all the photos and looked through them.

    In the photos, the villagers had simple but bright smiles on their faces. It was heartwarming to see, but it did not bring her familiarity.

    It was only Fu Xis photo.

    I am sure that I have seen her somewhere! Zheng Yan picked up the photo again and inspected it closely.

    I may not have much memory of what she looks like, but her dress looks familiar

    Zheng Yan was the Missy of the Zheng Family. She had been a beauty from a young age and she could wear even casual clothes in a fashionable manner.

    She had a high degree of acuity to clothes and bags.

    She could remember the dress worn by Fu Xi. She was sure she had seen something similar.

    She just couldnt remember where.

    Same dress? Nian Xiaomu was stunned, then she laughed.

    That is impossible. Every tie-dye is unique, there may be a similar pattern, but there will not be an identical one.

    Precisely because of that, I think I have seen this Fu Xi somewhere. But, I dont know why I cant seem to remember. Zheng Yan said in annoyance.

    She wanted to see if she could help Nian Xiaomu, now, she couldnt even remember such a small detail.

    Zheng Yan was annoyed. Then, Fan Yus phone lit up.

    When Nian Xiaomu saw him walk out as he answered the phone, she pulled Zheng Yan aside and asked, What is the situation now? Coming and leaving together, are you guys Nian Xiaomus eyes lit up with gossip and was overjoyed.

    If Zheng Yan really got together with Fan Yu, she would be overwhelmed with happiness!

    Zheng Yan was a great girl, Fan Yus character was reassuring too.

    If they were to get together, she would be so relieved.


    After hearing Nian Xiaomu, Zheng Yan could not bother recalling where she had seen Fu Xis dress anymore. She stopped Nian Xiaomu quickly.

    Stop guessing. We are just friends!

    Friends that are always together? Did no one tell you that you guys look like conjoined twins now?

    Nian Xiaomu recalled and realized that almost every time she saw them, they were together.

    Yu Yuehan wouldnt even be jealous when Fan Yu looked for her now.

    It was because there was Zheng Yan!

    Zheng Yans mouth twitched. Although I admire guys like Fan Yu, the reason he likes to be around me is that we have been completely honest with each other!