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    Chapter 1405 Little Angel Is Here 2

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    Upon hearing this, Zheng Yan, who just entered the house, immediately burst with joy.

    Fan Yu was an uncle while she was a sister. She immediately became younger with such a status!

    Its no wonder youre my heartthrobs daughter. You have such good judgment of people and say such sweet things. What to do, Xiao Mumu? I think Im falling in love with Xiao Liuliu instead!

    Nian Xiaomu looked at the woman who was carrying her daughter the moment she entered the house. She looked like someone who kidnapped children to sell.

    Nian Xiaomu simply muttered coldly, Xiao Liuliu has the divine eye and can tell at one glance that youre an old spinster. She called you Sister simply to prevent you from getting hurt, dont take it too seriously. Youre definitely at the age of an auntie already.

    Zheng Yan was infuriated as he glared at her sitting down on the sofa with Xiao Liuliu in her arms. She then tossed her hair seductively and retorted, I dont believe that! Xiao Liuliu was obviously taken in by my beauty, right?

    Xiao Liuliu replied, Then, can pretty sister give Xiao Liuliu a brother? Xiao Liuliu likes brothers!

    The old spinster just couldnt do that.


    Why are you guys here now? Nian Xiaomu served two glasses of water to them, her gaze shifting between them.

    Weve something important to tell! Zheng Yan took a mouthful of water and placed the glass down, turning to look at Fan Yu.

    He was the one who had found out the information, so it was best for him to be the one telling them.

    Regarding the clothing factory, I still felt that there was something amiss so I got someone to investigate who Fu Jin was in contact with before the incident. I found this. Fan Yu took out a picture from his pocket.

    The quality of the picture was blurry, but it was possible to tell that it was the back of a mans figure.

    Du Li?

    Yes, its him. Before what happened at the clothing factory, Fu Jin was away for an overseas work trip on the surface. But, in reality, he had been in contact with Du Li throughout the whole time. The arson and doctoring of false accounts should have been instructed by Du Li.

    Du Li is Mo Kuns man. If Du Li was the one who instructed it, it means that Mo Kun was behind it! Nian Xiaomu exclaimed between clenched teeth.

    She had originally guessed that other than Mo Kun, no one would be that eager to deal with her.

    Now, she had concrete evidence to back this up!

    However, it was a pity that Mo Kun had struck first. This led to Mo Yongheng having to suffer an unexpected calamity.

    Du Li is a vicious and merciless person. I suspect Fu Jin will insist that it was Mo Yongheng who instructed him. He must have been threatened by him somehow. Ill continue to investigate this matter in case there are other loopholes. Fu Jins family background has also been tampered with and I cant find out anything about him. If you have time, you can ask the old workers in the factory about him. Perhaps someone will know something.

    After he was done talking about this serious matter, Fan Yu cast a warm and gentle gaze towards Nian Xiaomu.

    Hows everything going on your side?

    Things are still quite smooth-sailing. But, we now need to think of a new marketing proposal before the clothing factory reopens. Im still researching it, Nian Xiaomu said with a rather unsure look.

    Zheng Yan, who had her head lowered while she played Scissors-Paper-Stone with Xiao Liuliu, laughed and upon hearing Nian Xiaomus words, said, Fashion products are usually promoted by getting models to run a fashion show. The effectiveness of the publicity campaign would depend on the popularity of the model. Its a pity that Shangxins pregnant. Otherwise, with her help, your publicity campaign would definitely be extremely effective!

    Zheng Yan casually provided her idea.

    But, such common promotion methods, which depended on the models popularity, were not quite suitable to promote tie-dyeing.

    As Nian Xiaomu contemplated with her head lowered, Zheng Yan picked up the few pictures on the coffee table which Nian Xiaomu had just printed out.

    Who is this? Why does she look so familiar? I think Ive seen her somewhere before

    Upon hearing this, Nian Xiaomu raised her head to look and saw that the person in the picture was Fu Xi!