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    A whole new marketing proposal would signify a brand new beginning.

    It would also be the clothing factorys transformation in its operation method.

    The Mo Familys efforts at preserving and promoting traditional culture were not just based on building a factory to produce tie-dyed clothing. If that was the case, there would not be much meaning to it.

    What they wanted to do was to unveil those hidden outstanding traditional art and skills, allowing them to reintegrate into this era and inject new life!

    To accomplish this, it would be completely impossible for them to rely on the old management method they used.

    There was no making without breaking. Each of them had to seriously consider the right marketing proposal which was really suited for tie-dyeing and the clothing factory.

    Todays meeting will end here. Theres no need to be anxious, everyone. We still have time.

    Nian Xiaomu left the documents on the table and remarked calmly.

    After a whole day of discussion, although everyone was high in enthusiasm, they could not bear the physical fatigue either.

    Even she herself felt her head turning heavy and dizzy,

    Her chest felt stuffy as well.

    The people in the meeting room left very soon.

    Only Manager Hong was still inside and walked to her rather worriedly.

    Vice-President Nian, although you dont say it, I know you must have agreed to some conditions the companys board of directors proposed for them to agree to rebuild the clothing factory so quickly. Is it the case that if our sales dont reach a certain standard, youll be punished for it?

    Nian Xiaomu had just raised her glass of water to have a mouthful to soothe the tightness in her chest.

    Upon hearing Manager Hongs words, her eyes flickered slightly and she shook her head gently.

    I have high expectations for you guys because I hope that we can produce results as soon as possible. Not only is that due to the worry from the company giving us pressure, but also because I hope to see the clothing factory revert to its successful form like it was back when Grandfather was in charge. I hope more people can see the beauty of tie-dyeing and feel the charms this outstanding traditional culture possesses! This is your wish too, isnt it?


    Manager Hong nodded excitedly.

    It was as if he had met someone who understood him truly, and he started to talk to Nian Xiaomu about his childhood.

    Back then, technology was not that advanced.

    Many things were still produced by manual labor.

    When Manager Hong was very young, his parents were skilled at tie-dyeing and were able to produce vibrant and multi-textured clothing. They were considered one of the few who possessed the best tie-dyeing skills.

    His childhood consisted of traveling to different villagers houses with tie-dye clothing. The image of vibrant-looking tie-dyed cloth hanging up high and fluttering with the wind was his best memory from his childhood

    However, later on, mechanical production started to take over many things.

    Clothing was produced in bulk at a low cost and such production methods gradually became the trend.

    The number of people in the village who were willing to continue the art of tie-dyeing diminished greatly as they either turned to other occupations or traveled elsewhere to earn a living.

    Only a very small portion of the elderly continued to practice this skill because of their old age and that they could not bear to leave behind the skill their ancestors had passed on to them.

    But, is tie-dyeing really not suitable as a trend anymore?

    No, that isnt the case!

    Although mechanical production is highly efficient, the cloth produced from it is flat and unvaried.

    On the contrary, the most distinguishing feature of every cloth that was produced by tie-dyeing was that it was unique.

    Even if a similar technique of tying the fabric was used, the pattern produced on the cloth would still vary slightly.

    Moreover, using all-natural dye produced clothes that were visually aesthetic and safe.

    Manager Hong muttered, I still remember the first time I saw old Mr. Mo. It was in the village. He was gazing at the houses where families who practiced tie-dyeing used to live but had slowly left one by one. He asked me if I was willing to help him make more people discover the beauty of tie-dyeing