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    Chapter 1401 He Looks Just The Same As You So Damn Good Looking 4

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    With the lively Zheng Yan stirring up things, the nerve-wracking atmosphere from the media launch instantly dissipated.

    Nian Xiaomu was really exhausted.

    She felt sore and wobbly all over, and once her tightened nerves began to relax, she started to feel somewhat groggy.

    Very soon, she fell asleep.

    In a half-awake state, she seemed to have seen Xiao Liuliu. The soft and little cuddly ball was ecstatic and running around excitedly in the courtyard.

    She was also calling out younger brother continuously.

    Nian Xiaomu was just about to ask her where her younger brother had come from when a little baby appeared before her eyes.

    His delicate and exquisite facial features made him look like a mini version of Yu Yuehan.

    He was lying in his nannys arms and had his lips pouted as little bubbles formed in his mouth

    He was raising his little clenched fist and looked so adorable that one wanted to pinch his face.

    Younger brother

    Nian Xiaomu followed Xiao Liuliu, called out, and was about to rush forward excitedly to carry him when everything before her disappeared.

    She was so shocked that she abruptly turned over in her sleep and almost tumbled off the bed!

    Whats wrong?

    Yu Yuehan had stayed by her side and noticing that she was about to wake up, he went forward and saw her jerk forward suddenly.

    With his nimble and agile arms, he reached forward to hold onto her, preventing her from falling off the bed.

    The following second, Nian Xiaomu was in his arms and let out an exclamation.

    I dreamt that I gave birth to a younger brother for Xiao Liuliu. He looked exactly like you, so damn good looking. I was just about to carry him when he disappeared

    Yu Yuehan, where has my younger boy gone?

    Oh. No, well, youre so useless. We dont have a younger boy yet, where would you find one to carry

    Nian Xiaomu sat upright in disappointment and reached out to grab a pillow and hugged it in her arms.

    She then turned to glance at Yu Yuehan in a disgruntled manner.


    The media launch was just the beginning of things.

    In the next few days, Nian Xiaomu gave out orders one after another.

    The clothing factory hired a new accountant.

    He had a clean background and his ancestors were inheritors of the traditional art, so he wasnt someone who could easily be bribed. Nian Xiaomu was very assured about him.

    The clothing factory still needs some time before we can reactivate the production line. We cannot be idling around anymore. We need to promote our tie-dyeing products before the production line starts back up. That way, on the day the production line is reactivated, itll become an instant hit which will amaze everyone.

    Once their reputation was built up, everything that followed would be easier to settle.

    If the quality of the clothing factorys products was guaranteed, they would naturally not need to worry about their sales and profits.

    All things get off to a rough start. Now, what was most important was that they took the first step properly!

    Tell me, what ideas do you guys have?

    Nian Xiaomu was seated in the meeting room as she had called in all the experienced workers and was asking for everyones opinion.

    There was not a moment of silence in the meeting room all day.

    All the workers in the factory were akin to the owners and were keener than anyone else for the clothing factory to prosper to greater heights.

    They all gave their honest opinion without any restraint.

    When old Mr. Mo was around, he had a whole set of his own management methods. But, the moment President Mo took over the factory, he never devoted any effort to it, which was why the clothing factory got worse. Ive already collated a list of people who provide cloth to us. This is their information.

    Ever since Manager Hong recovered from his injuries and was discharged from hospital, he has been so busy with things but still remains cheery and optimistic.

    He seemed even happier than he was previously when he didnt have as much to do.

    Glancing at the information on the document in his hand, Nian Xiaomus brows furrowed.

    The management method that was used in the past isnt that suitable now. The clothing factorys reputation these few years is not as it was before, so to allow customers to give it recognition, well need to do more than just evoking their feelings as thatll only sustain our business for a short period of time. I need a whole new marketing proposal!