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    He should have said that earlier. A big bad wolf, like him, was asking her to sleep, should she not panic?

    After hesitating for a second, Nian Xiaomu still got up.

    The media launch just ended. Theres still a lot of work to be arranged at the factory. I need to take a trip there, I cant rest yet.

    Once Nian Xiaomu had finished speaking, she was carried in Yu Yuehans arms again.

    More haste means less speed. Theres no hurry.

    Her face really did not look that good and it was only under the bright flashing lights earlier and with her makeup on, that she looked a little more energetic.

    Now, it seemed as if even a light layer of makeup could not conceal the fatigue revealed on her face.

    Her eyes were even bloodshot.

    Young Master Han is right. Xiao Mumu, you really dont look too good. Are you feeling unwell? Zheng Yan did not care about being feeling embarrassed and simply went forward in her usual loud and casual manner and reached out to touch Nian Xiaomus face.

    You look so pale, although your skin still feels delicate.

    Nian Xiaomu looked at Yu Yuehans darkened face and cast a warning look at her to speak less.

    Otherwise, even she herself wouldnt be able to save her later on!

    However, Zheng Yan simply wasnt afraid and went closer to her, asking, Xiao Mumu, do you want to go to the hospital to get checked?

    Nian Xiaomu was taken aback and raised her head to look at Yu Yuehan.

    It was evident that Yu Yuehan agreed with this idea.

    Ill go and get the car.

    No, wait! Nian Xiaomu hurriedly grabbed onto his arm and licked her lips, muttering, I just didnt sleep properly last night, thats why Im not very energetic. I dont feel unwell, so you guys dont have to make a big fuss out of it. All the reporters are on me now, so if they see me going to the hospital, theyll probably make it into a big matter again.

    As she spoke, Nian Xiaomu started to lie down obediently.

    She then covered her body with the blanket.

    I wont go to the factory now, okay? Ill sleep for an hour before heading there!

    Yu Yuehan did not object to this after hearing her words.

    Zheng Yan could not possibly say anything about it either.

    She pulled a chair over to Nian Xiaomu and started to report to her about Mo Yonghengs situation.

    Mo Yongheng claimed that hes fine, but after staying a night at the detention center, hes become a lot more haggard and hes even got a bad temper now. He asked me about Fan Yu, but when he saw Fan Yu call me, he got upset about it. When I left, he didnt even look at me at all. Tell me, why are men so hard to please now?

    Zheng Yans gaze flickered past the two men in the room as she held onto Nian Xiaomu while complaining.

    Now, I suddenly feel that Fan Yu is really a top-grade guy. He has a good background, good looks and a good temper he could basically be called a triple-good man. Why didnt you choose him back then?

    Once Zheng Yan finished her words, she saw Nian Xiaomus dazed look and suddenly thought of something. A chill instantly went down her spine.

    What followed was the sound of Yu Yuehans voice that seemed as if it echoed from the netherworld.

    What did you just say?

    Zheng Yan started to tremble all over and stood up from the bedside like a gust of wind.

    She anxiously reached out to brush her long hair and muttered earnestly, Oh, Xiao Mumu, a wonderful guy like Young Master Han is a rare gem nowadays. Those who dont choose him are definitely blind! Since you are fated to be with him, you must cherish him. Right, youre feeling unwell, so I wont disturb you two. Ive something urgent to attend to, Ill leave now!

    Zheng Yan started to head towards the door without turning back. When she passed Fan Yu, she even grabbed onto him as well and dragged him out of the lounge with her.

    Brother Fan, Im scared. Protect me!