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    Public opinion changed the moment the product launch ended!

    There is a change in the Mo Corporations inheritance rightsThe newly minted Vice-President is a heroine!

    The new Vice-President has garnered full support from the workers of the clothing factoryMo Qian might just get dismissed by the board of directors!

    Lets take a look at the past experiences of Nian Xiaomu, the new Vice-President of the Mo Corporation

    All sorts of headlines sprung up like mushrooms after the rain.

    News of Mo Yonghengs false accounts scandal were all completely drowned.

    With the honesty and transparency that Nian Xiaomu demonstrated during her speech, everyone soon believed that the Mo Corporation would properly account for the public. Right now, everyone had focused their gaze on the reconstruction of the clothing factory, including Nian Xiaomus future action plans

    Vice-President Nian, quickly take a look at the reports online. Everyone is singing high praises of youThey said that you resembled the elderly head the most and that the Mo Corporation would definitely thrive under your management!

    The secretary walked to Nian Xiaomus side and reported happily with the electronic tablet in hand.

    Even though the directors of the company initially had reservations on your ability, they are now happy to have the company under your care. They even told all the departments to fully cooperate with the reconstruction of the tie-dye clothing factory!

    Nian Xiaomus eyes flickered slightly when she heard this.

    After she instructed the secretary to send the media representatives present at the event away, she took a step out and got ready to leave.

    However, the reporters had not gone yet; they were crowded around Nian Xiaomu, questioning her about her future plans.

    Nian Xiaomu had remained silent ever since the launch ended and no longer answered every single question that was posed to her.

    No matter what kind of questions the reporters asked, she cited inconvenience as the reason for her rejection to answer.

    Finally, the secretary sent all of the reporters on their way

    Xiao Mumu, you are so awesome! Seeing that no one else was around, Zheng Yan rushed out immediately and hugged Nian Xiaomu.

    She lifted her head and planted a kiss on her face.

    She did it so swiftly that an additional lipstick stain ended up on Nian Xiaomus face even before she could react.

    Ah, that scene just now satisfied me so much! I dare say that Mo Kun is definitely gritting his teeth in anger in some corner right now. You have finally helped Mo Yongheng to get back at him

    Zheng Yan grabbed onto Nian Xiaomus shoulders and rattled on excitedly.

    She totally did not notice that Yu Yuehan, who was a step slower than her, was currently staring at her with a darkened face.

    When his gaze landed on the lipstick stain that was sitting on Nian Xiaomus face, he walked forward with knitted eyebrows.

    Firstly, he pulled Zheng Yans hand away. Then, he whipped out a handkerchief from his pocket and gently wiped her face.

    Zheng Yan was stunned. After she realized that someone was annoyed with her, she muttered, Young Master Han, you have gone overboard. I am a girl, whats wrong with kissing her? I even had thoughts of sleeping with Xiao Mumu tonight!

    Yu Yuehan had already turned around and cast a glare at Zheng Yan even before she could finish her words.

    One would definitely be deeply traumatized and die from seeing his gaze if he/she had a weaker heart.

    Zheng Yan immediately hid behind Fan Yus back. Then, she stuck her head out and continued to speak, Threatening me is useless. A relationship between a male and a female is a mistake, but that between two females is real love. Havent you heard of this saying? I am definitely the one whom Xiao Mumu loves the most!

    Nian Xiaomu noticed that Yu Yuehans face had turned dark and grabbed onto his hand immediately.

    Zheng Yan is joking with you, dont take her words too seriously. I love you the most!

    Yeah, I love you too. As Yu Yuehan raised his eyebrows with satisfaction, he still wiped the irksome lipstick stain on her face before pulling her over to the lounge.

    Nap for a while now.

    Yu Yuehan did not take a look at Fan Yu and Zheng Yan who had also entered the room and simply pinned Nian Xiaomu down on the bed.

    Shocked, Nian Xiaomu exclaimed, There are people around!

    Yu Yuehan furrowed his eyebrows and replied, You didnt look too well and I was merely telling you to take a rest. Why are you panicking?