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    Nian Xiaomu scanned her determined gaze past the faces of all the reporters below the stage. Then, she stood up from her chair in front of the podium and spoke with a pause after every word.

    The Mo Corporations operation philosophy has always remained unchanged and we welcome the supervision of all the media representatives too. As such, after the clothing factory has officially commenced its operations, we will be holding factory tours for three days every month. Not only do we want everyone to supervise the operations of the factory, but we also hope that more friends who love ethnic art will join us and pass on the outstanding ethnic culture to future generations!

    All of the reporters below the stage appeared visibly stunned.

    Every enterprise would keep their core skill sets and operations a secret. Otherwise, they would be jumping into a hole of no return if their competitors managed to imitate and plagiarize their ideas.

    There would be restrictions for normal visitors, much less a tour for the media representatives.

    The camera in their hands was not simply an ornament!

    Nian Xiaomu spoke up again amidst everyones shocked gazes and said, Not only will we open the factory up for tours, but the Mo Corporation has also decided to portion out some shares of the clothing factory for sale to the workers. In the future, they will be the workers as well as the shareholders of the clothing factory. We want to allow every worker who truly loves the art of tie-dye to become legitimate owners of the factory!

    The reporters present were all speechless from shock once this piece of news was announced.


    An unknown voice suddenly sounded amongst the crowd. Then, everyone else snapped back to their senses and gave a huge round of applause.

    Joy seemed to be infectious as it gradually spurred the emotions of the reporters present.

    The applause that sounded like rolling thunder resonated throughout the entire conference hall.

    The female reporter who had asked the earlier question noticed that the situation seemed to have gotten a little out of hand. Just as she was about to speak up again and steer the joyous mood away, she was interrupted by the other reporters even before she could open her mouth.

    Vice-President Nian, you are also a member of the Mo Family, but you have taken up the project that provokes the most criticism during this crucial period. Are there in fact changes to the internal affairs of the Mo Corporation?

    It was said that the elderly President of the Mo Corporation had fallen gravely ill three years ago and that the company has been doing badly ever since President Mo has taken over the management. Are you about to replace President Mo in his role now that you have stepped out?

    Vice-President Nian, if you really succeeded in the position of President, how would you manage the Mo Corporation

    The reporters popped question after question.

    Nian Xiaomu did not avoid the questions, nor did she give half-hearted answers. Instead, she stood there coolly, just like a Queen.

    The way she behaved made more people believe that she was really taking over the Mo Corporation.

    The media launch was live-streamed.

    Everyone could catch a live view of the event through the screens of their computers or televisions.

    Upon hearing what the reporters said, Mo Kun, who was sitting in front of his computer, revealed an expression so dark and sinister that he looked just like a devil who had emerged from hell. As he kept his gaze glued to the screen, he watched as Nian Xiaomu stood up calmly from her seat in front of all the reporters.

    She was alone.

    She looked absolutely graceful and charming in her business attire. As a subtle smile spread across her face, she calmly glanced at the reporters present at the event.

    I respect any arrangements made by the board of directors. Regardless of the position that I am in, I will definitely strive to enhance the entire Mo Corporation, so that the outstanding ethnic culture which the Mo Family highly regards can be passed down to future generations!


    Mo Kun forcefully swept the laptop in front of him to the ground.

    He clenched his fists and smashed them fiercely onto the table.

    The images of the reporters doubting his abilities as they crowded around Nian Xiaomu and asked if she would inherit the Mo Corporation flashed past his eyes

    All of a sudden, Mo Kun felt a sharp pain in his chest. He wished that he could kill Nian Xiaomu right now!