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    Chapter 1397 Saddening It Is Not Rapport 6

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    The Mo Corporation officially announces the commencement of Project No.3, which is the reconstruction project of the tie-dye factory. Our company has always worked hard to promote outstanding ethnic cultures

    Nian Xiaomus voice was transmitted to every corner of the media launch through the microphone.

    She explained the objectives and meaning behind the project, as well as the expectations the workers had of the factorys reconstruction in a systematic manner.

    As she spoke, the big screen behind her played videos and photos of the early stages of construction of the tie-dye clothing factory, until it was set on fire

    At the same time, footage of the Mo Corporations various efforts in promoting ethnic culture was played too.

    The same images that touched the shareholders of the Mo Corporation back then, touched the reporters present.

    Many of them had their heads lowered and were secretly wiping their tears.

    Nian Xiaomu only spoke up again after she saw that the atmosphere was well built up.

    As for the clothing factorys false accounts that concerned Mo Yongheng, the case has already been handed over to the relevant departments for investigation, and the Mo Corporation will be fully cooperating with the investigation. Before the results are out, I still choose to believe that Mo Yongheng is innocent. I hope that everyone could be patient as well and leave the clothing factory alone; I believe that we will be able to announce a favorable result to all of you very soon!

    Is whatever you have said simply an attempt to help Mo Yongheng get away from his crime? Such a major slip-up has occurred in the business which the Mo Corporation is managing. It should have been shut down right from the start, so why did the company suddenly pop out to restart the project?

    A female reporter amongst the crowd suddenly demanded loudly.

    Why dont you dare to openly answer your relationship with Mo Yongheng? Do you dare to say that you did not intentionally help him to cover up?

    The female reporter was very good at stirring up emotions.

    Just a few sentences from her were enough to shift everyones focus away from the tie-dye project, and all of the reporters present soon had their attention on the mistakes that the Mo Corporation had made.

    Many of the reporters started to whisper into one anothers ears.

    It seemed as though they were all about to follow and ask similar questions.

    Both Fan Yu and Zheng Yan, who were standing guard at the media launch, broke into a cold sweat over Nian Xiaomus fate.

    Nian Xiaomus eyes narrowed and not a single hint of panic showed on her face. Instead, she let out a sweet smile.

    Even though she was clad in business attire, she still looked so beautiful with her dainty smile that made one unable to catch their breath just by looking at her.

    The female reporter suddenly felt a bad premonition after Nian Xiaomu cast her a glance.

    Just as she thought that Nian Xiaomu was about to throw her out, she suddenly reached out for the microphone and spoke.

    This is a good question.

    The female reporter was speechless.

    Everyone is right. Indeed, the President of the Mo Corporation is definitely responsible for allowing such a mistake to happen. As such, President Mo has voluntarily quit the role of being the in-charge for Project No.3 and he has handed the entire project over to me. This is considered a punishment that our company decided on.

    Nian Xiaomu dragged Mo Kun out to take the bullet with just a sentence.

    As she met the female reporters stunned gaze, she added on, The Mo Corporation decided to reconstruct the clothing factory as soon as possible and provide the best welfare for the workers, only because many issues arose during the period President Mo was managing the factory. The company did not forget our mission; we wanted to better promote outstanding ethnic art and contribute back to society!

    The female reporter had wanted to embarrass Nian Xiaomu and influence everyone into boycotting the Mo Corporation. The more the matter blew out of proportion, the better it would be.

    In that case, Nian Xiaomu would not be able to explain herself to the board of directors in the organization.

    However, Nian Xiaomu had turned the tables around and indirectly sent a light slap to Mo Kuns face!

    The female reporter no longer dared to look at Mo Kuns expression.

    Nian Xiaomu said, I also have one important piece of news that I want to announce to everyone today