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    Chapter 1396 Saddening It Is Not Rapport 5

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    Once the bold question was asked, more of such questions followed.

    Vice-President Nian, Mo Yongheng once instigated his subordinates to doctor false accounts and this matter has since been spreading like wildfire. May I know what your thoughts are on this?

    We heard that you were only able to enter the Mo Corporation because Mo Yongheng was the one who had recommended you. Now that something has happened to him, are you worried that you will be implicated?

    There are so many higher managers in the Mo Corporation, why did they send you to host the media launch instead of them?

    The reporters quipped noisily.

    All of them stood up from their seats and squeezed forward with their microphones in hand.

    They so badly wanted to shove their microphones in front of Nian Xiaomus face so that she could answer their questions.

    Even though everyones focus was on her, Nian Xiaomu remained calm and slowly made her way up to the podium on the stage.

    Her bodyguards responsibly helped to block all the reporters, who tried to get near her, until she reached the podium on the stage.

    She stood upright and swept her gaze past the reporters below her in neither a servile nor an overbearing manner. Then, her gaze landed on the reporter who popped the first question.

    Her animated eyes narrowed slightly.

    That reporter was a male wearing business attire and he appeared to be well-groomed.

    A work pass hung around his neck while his hands held onto the microphone. There was even a photographer standing beside him.

    Nian Xiaomu scanned the information written on his work pass briefly. As she ransacked the names of the media representatives who were contacted for todays event in her mind, her gaze turned cold.

    She suddenly spoke up.

    Chase him out!

    Yes! The bodyguards approached the male reporter without hesitation, the moment they heard her instructions.

    He had never expected that Nian Xiaomu would actually chase him away in front of so many people and immediately exclaimed, Vice-President Nian, what do you mean by this? The Mo Corporation had invited so many media representatives over, yet there isnt a form of basic respect for us? Everyone, take a look, someone is trying to abuse her power!

    The emotions of the surrounding reporters were affected to a certain extent once his words were heard.

    However, before their emotions were completely aroused, Nian Xiaomu had already shifted herself to the podium and spoke slowly.

    The Mo Corporation respects every invited media representative. However, if anyone had intentionally sneaked in to create trouble, they would end up like him!

    Sneak in to create trouble? I have been invited by the Mo Corporation! Just as the male reporter was about to continue to malign Nian Xiaomu, the bodyguards had already subdued him and dug out a fake invitation from his pocket.

    One of the bodyguards raised the fake invitation up in the air for all to see.

    Everyone turned silent at that moment.

    They simply watched as that male reporter and his colleague got dragged away by the bodyguards.

    They were thrown out of the room in front of everyone!

    After Nian Xiaomu saw that the situation was back in control, she held onto the microphone gently and spoke.

    The Mo Corporation welcomes the arrival of all media representatives, and we are also willing to answer questions from all of you. The condition is, we hope that everyone can do their part to maintain the order of this media launch and ask your questions in an orderly manner. I will not show any mercy if anyone here is found to have the intention of wrecking the media launch!

    She reasoned things out with her clear and resounding voice.

    Her overpowering tone instantly managed to keep the situation under control.

    All of the reporters present returned to their seats.

    Nian Xiaomu knew that Mo Kun would not simply hire one person to wreck the media launch and she had intentionally arranged many bodyguards to be present at the event.

    The number of bodyguards present was three times more than that of a normal media launch.

    All of them stared intently at the reporters so that they could take action immediately the moment they noticed anyone behaving suspiciously.