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    Chapter 1395 Saddening It Is Not Rapport 4

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    While Zheng Yan spoke, she picked up the phone to call Fan Yu.

    Mo Yongheng snapped back to his senses, pressed down her hands and said, There is no need, I was just asking. I dont need to see Fan Yu.


    Zheng Yan stared at him in confusion. Why did he talk about Fan Yu if he did not want to meet him?

    Just as he was about to say something, Zheng Yans phone rang.

    The two words Fan Yu were glaring on the screen.

    Mo Yonghengs eyes narrowed.

    Zheng Yan picked up the call and answered happily. Fan Yu, why did you call me at this hour? Me? I am at the police station visiting Mo Yongheng, he even asked about you just now. Who knew that both of you had such a strong rapport and then you called immediately. Do you want to talk to him?


    This is not rapport.

    He refused to take the call.

    Seeing that Mo Yongheng was not planning to take the call, Zheng Yan could only continue talking to Fan Yu herself.

    She explained the entire situation to him.

    In the end, she looked up to ask Mo Yongheng. Fan Yu is about to end the call, do you have anything for him?

    No. Mo Yongheng replied with a low voice.

    If one listened carefully, it sounded gloomy.

    She talked to Fan Yu for so long, in front of him.

    He did not want to say anything now.

    He just felt that she was not here to visit him today, she was here to especially p*ss him off.

    He was very p*ssed off now!

    Miss Zheng, time is almost up, you should be leaving. The policeman at the side came up to remind her.

    Upon hearing that, Mo Yongheng became gloomier.

    They had barely exchanged words and he had spent most of the time listening to her talk to Fan Yu.

    She had to leave right after hanging up.

    So fast? Didnt I just come in? Zheng Yan was stunned too.

    After checking that the policeman was not joking and she really had to leave, she blinked her eyes in shock and turned to look at Mo Yongheng.

    She patted his shoulders in a brotherly manner.

    You shall stay here safely, I will take my leave and visit you another day.

    Mo Yongheng was so p*ssed that he did not want to give any reply.

    Looking at her stand up from her chair without hesitation while murmuring. If I knew earlier, I wouldnt have driven here today. I could have asked Fan Yu to pick me up on the way since I am going to the Mo Corporation anyways

    Without waiting for Zheng Yan to leave, Mo Yongheng turned around and left with a black face.

    Looking at him, Zheng Yan touched her nose with a sudden realization.

    Was he angry?

    Nobody could answer her question.

    Mo Corporations conference was held in the afternoon.

    The huge meeting room was emptied and made into an interview room.

    Hundreds of media representatives had already gathered at the scene.

    Ever since the Mo Corporations fire outbreak incident, it had become a hot talking point for the public and had continued to make big news.

    All the experienced media could sense a headline coming and come immediately upon receiving the invitation.

    The venue was bustling with noise.

    Vice-President Nian is here!

    The flashes were blinding the moment Nian Xiaomu appeared at the door.

    Under everyones gaze, Nian Xiaomu, dressed in a fitted suit, walked up to the stage in an elegant and professional manner.

    Before she walked in front of the microphone, the reporters had already started asking questions.

    Vice-President Nian, it is said that you have strong ties with Mo Yongheng. Did you know anything about Mr. Mo being allegedly accused of making fake accounts and his relationship with illicit funds beforehand?