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    Chapter 1394 Saddening It Is Not Rapport 3

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    He was not concerned about the results of giving birth to a little brother, but the process.

    Before he could get excited, Nian Xiaomu had already let go and sat back in her seat. She finished the porridge and asked him to take her to work.

    What about giving birth to a little brother?

    She was just kidding?

    On the other hand.

    Zheng Yan also woke up early. She got changed and was putting on makeup.

    She looked at herself in the mirror and placed her lipstick down in satisfaction. She picked up her bag and walked out.

    She went downstairs and saw the butler. She asked, I am going out, is the car ready?

    It is ready, however, Missy you have not eaten breakfast. Dont you want to eat something before heading out? Replied the butler.

    There is no need to Zheng Yan was about to say that she wasnt hungry. Then, she heard a snicker from the kitchen.

    Zheng Hao appeared in front of the dining room.

    He was still holding onto a cup of milk and sneered.

    Butler, why are you concerned? Our Missy is so busy, she has so many sugar daddies. She wouldnt go hungry!

    Yeah, I am capable and have many sugar daddies. If you have the time, why not learn to be more useful instead of watching me. Next time, you may find that the Zheng Corporation has no place for you and make a fool of yourself!

    Zheng Yan looked at him and saw that Zheng Hao was furious. She grinned in satisfaction and took the car keys from the butler.

    She went out to the car and heaved a sigh of relief.

    She looked at the family photo in the car and her face fell. She started the engine and left the Zheng Family home.

    She calculated the time to reach the police station; she was in time to visit Mo Yongheng.

    It had only been a night, yet she acted as though she had not seen him for ages. She kept looking around for Mo Yongheng when she was following the police in.

    Why are you here so early? Did anything happen? Mo Yongheng looked at her and asked in concern.

    Zheng Yan smiled. Nope. I am just worried that you are not used to the things here and came here to visit you for Xiao Mumu.

    Was she concerned about him?

    Dont think too much. Xiao Mumu is doing well and Mo Kuns plan did not affect her. She is planning to hold a press conference today to avenge you! Zheng Yan did not notice the change in his gaze.

    She pulled a chair over and sat down.

    She looked at Mo Yongheng. How are you? Is it very hard to get used to things around here? If you have anything that I can help with, you can tell me. Anyways, I am free.

    Zheng Yan saw that Mo Yongheng did not look as well and knew that he was comforting her when he said he was fine.

    He had been through such great misery, everyone was scolding him. How could he be fine?

    Does Fan Yu know that you have come to visit me early this morning? Mo Yongheng stared at her and asked suddenly.

    She was so concerned about him, wasnt she afraid that Fan Yu would get the wrong idea?

    Mo Yonghengs eyes gleamed deeply.

    Zheng Yan was confused. Why do I need to tell Fan Yu? Fan Yu did say that he wanted to visit you, but he did not tell me the time. So I just came alone. If you want to meet him, I can call him for you.