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    The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1392

    Chapter 1392 Saddening It Is Not Rapport 1

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    Mo Kun was against the idea of rebuilding the factory, now, upon hearing that Nian Xiaomu wanted to hold a press conference. His face turned ugly.

    “I do not agree!”

    Mo Kun pushed his assistant aside and walked into the conference room.

    “Because of Mo Yongheng, the Mo Corporation is already in the middle of this uproar. Shouldn’t we remain lowkey and wait for the issue to be over? Why are we sending ourselves in front of the media and making a fool of ourselves?”

    As Mo Kun finished his sentence, the shareholders looked at each other in bewilderment.

    Someone agreed. “Now there is so much commotion and there was a traitor among us that committed a crime. Because of him, the entire corporation is under investigation, if we do not remain lowkey, we may cause another uproar!”

    “Will remaining lowkey solve the problem? The public may think that we do not respond because we are guilty!” Nian Xiaomu rebutted.

    “Mo Yongheng is still under investigation, there is no conclusion to whether the accusations are real or who is behind them. However, what is certain is that there is a loophole in the management of the factory. That is why it could be used against us. Since we know what the problem is, we should deal with it at once. I am the person-in-charge of Project No.3, I will be responsible for it!”

    Her confidence and determination made everyone ponder if they should believe her instead.

    Mo Kun wanted to watch Mo Yongheng fall and push all the blame onto him so he lost the trust of all the seniors in the Mo Family.

    He did not expect Nian Xiaomu to wait for police investigations and would be over Mo Yongheng’s issue so quickly.

    Now, she still wanted to activate Project No.3. Wasn’t it telling the public that he had poor management skills and the shareholders decided to hand the factory over to her?

    She was doing this purposely! Did she want to do this for Mo Yongheng?

    It wouldn’t be so simple!

    Mo Kun’s face fell and pretended to advise.

    “Xinxin, it may be a good idea but any hiccups that the reporters spot, the whole corporation may have to pay the price for your blind confidence!”

    “Whether it is blind confidence or not, we will have to find out. However, President Mo’s poor management and the scandal is a fact. Mo Yongheng is the person-in-charge, however, as the President, do you have no faults? If I were you, I wouldn’t dare to speak at all, at least I would know how to avert suspicion. Am I right?”

    Nian Xiaomu said in a smile.

    However, every sentence she said was like a slap in his face.

    She said everything that he did not want to hear.

    Furthermore, they were all the facts that everyone had overlooked.

    No matter how authoritative Mo Yongheng was, the authority was given by Mo Kun.

    As the President of the corporation, there was such a big flaw in the corporation. How could he stay out of trouble?

    There was no such possibility!

    The others did not dare to speak about his mistakes, but she would!

    Nian Xiaomu looked Mo Kun, who was deeply angered, and looked back at the shareholders.

    “I have seen the comments online and I have asked the public relations department and factory to write the announcement. I hope that all of you will agree to hold a press conference.”