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    The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1391

    Chapter 1391 Who Touched Whose Heart 12

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    Since he is so afraid of me, then I shall let him be more afraid! Vengeance flashed passed Nian Xiaomus eyes.

    She did not say anything else. She got into the car and asked Yu Yuehan to take her back to the Mo Corporation.

    During the whole journey, Nian Xiaomu was scrolling through the news.

    Just as they had suspected, the news of Mo Yongheng being taken away by the police was spreading like wildfire.

    Many people saw it, so there was no way the news could be covered up.

    However, there was someone who was behind the spread of information or it wouldnt have spread so quickly in just a few hours.

    It must be Mo Kun! Not only does he want to frame Mo Yongheng, he also wants everyone in this corporation to despise him. He wants everyone to think that Mo Yongheng is an ungrateful hypocrite! Zheng Yan was furious when she saw the news.

    She felt bad for Mo Yongheng.

    In comparison, Nian Xiaomu reacted really calmly.

    She looked through all the news and checked the situation online. She sent a long message to Manager Hong and kept her phone by her.

    When they reached the Mo Corporation, Mo Kun arrived at the same time.

    Not long after Mo Yongheng was taken away, all the shareholders had been asking about it. Nian Xiaomu was certain that Mo Kun would come.

    Coincidentally, they met at the door.

    Mo Kun was about to enter the corporation when he saw her. He stopped and waited for her to walk up.

    Under Nian Xiaomus glare, he gleamed.

    You are too young to fight with me! I heard that you went to the police station to visit Mo Yongheng, how is he? No matter what, I am still his elder. Although he may have committed such a crime, I wouldnt really leave him alone. After the meeting with the shareholders, I will visit him at the police station and watch him remorse!

    Mo Kun smiled gleefully and walked into the corporation.

    Nian Xiaomus voice sounded from behind him.

    President Mo, you are always so busy. Are you going in to meet the shareholders? If so, I have something for them too, lets go together!

    Nian Xiaomu walked beside Mo Kun.

    She glanced at him casually.

    From her calm posture, there was not a slightest frustration from losing a great helper.

    She seemed to be mocking him. A chill ran down Mo Kuns spine.

    Then, he assumed that Nian Xiaomu must be acting and sneered, You want to plead for Mo Yongheng? I advise you to save that trouble. You should know that even if there is not enough evidence, I will make sure there is going to be enough. Mo Yongheng can stay in jail forever!

    I think you have been mistaken, but it is okay. Soon, you will know why I am here. Nian Xiaomu glanced at him and dusted herself off.

    It was as though talking to him lowered her intelligence.

    She turned and walked into the corporation.

    Nian Xiaomu!

    Mo Kun was angered by her contemptuous attitude, however the moment he thought of the situation Mo Yongheng was in, he smiled again.

    He was waiting for Nian Xiaomu to make a fool of herself.

    When he reached the conference room, he saw Nian Xiaomu speaking. Her voice was crisp and clear.

    The rebuilding of the factory has started and to suppress the scandal of the Mo Corporation, I suggest we hold a press conference to officially launch Project No.3!