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    The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1390

    Chapter 1390 Who Touched Whose Heart 11

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    For some inexplicable reason, he suddenly felt something stirring in his calm heart at that very moment.

    He wanted to disregard everything and rush forward to hug her

    While such a thought had just come to Mo Yongheng, a figure suddenly rushed forward to him and gave him a huge embrace without any warning.

    With her reddened eyes, Zheng Yan was choking with emotions as she rambled on, Although youre so quiet and a little hard to get close to, youre loyal enough. Dont worry, Ill help you to take care of Xiao Mumu and the elderly head. When youre all alone, please dont cry out loud okay

    He didnt cry, but she did.

    Mo Yongheng rarely had such times where his emotions were so exposed. He reached out and wrapped his arms tightly around the person before him.

    With a rather hoarse voice, he muttered, Zheng Yan.

    Umm? Zheng Yan sniffed before raising her head to look at him.

    Mo Yongheng did not utter a word and merely brushed his hand across her eyes, flashing an affectionate smile at her. When Im out of here, Ill buy you chocolate.

    Zheng Yan was utterly dumbfounded.

    Not just by the fact that he had said that he would buy her chocolate, but by the smile on his face.

    It was the first time she had seen Mo Yongheng smiling, and in such a gentle way as well.

    He could actually smile?

    Zheng Yan almost wanted to raise her hand to pinch herself in order to see if she was dreaming.

    When she finally came back to her senses, Mo Yongheng had already let go of her and after patting her head, got Executive Assistant Yang to take her back.

    Zheng Yan was still frozen in the exact same spot as she watched him turn and gradually fade away from her view

    For just a split second, his figure suddenly resembled someone from her memory.

    It was as if she was hallucinating.

    When Zheng Yan walked out of the police station in a dazed manner, Yu Yuehan and Nian Xiaomu were already standing outside waiting for her.

    Xiao Mumu, are we really not doing anything and just allowing Mo Yongheng to be locked up? Zheng Yan went forward and asked in a rather upset manner.

    What was more upsetting than not being able to do anything despite knowing that someone was being framed?

    Its not that Mo Yongheng has completely no way to save himself. Its just that by allowing himself to be detained, itll lower Mo Kuns guard and make it easier for him to expose himself! With a single hand tucked in his pocket, Yu Yuehan muttered with his thin lips opened slightly upon hearing Zheng Yans words.

    Mo Yongheng isnt as weak as you imagine him to be. On the contrary, hes very impressive.

    Someone who knows how to exercise self-restraint and conceal his own abilities could not possibly be ordinary.

    Back when the elderly head of the Mo Family chose to adopt him, it already proved that there was something extraordinary about him.

    If during these few years, Mo Yongheng had disregarded the elderly heads safety and wanted to usurp the Mo Corporation, even Mo Kun wouldnt be his match!

    Now, they could only slowly save Mo Yongheng.

    If they did it too quickly they would actually fall into Mo Kuns trap.

    Mo Yongheng had already clearly said that if Nian Xiaomu were to consolidate her position in the Mo Corporation and produce excellent results; with the family warrant that she had, she would be the Mo Familys rightful successor.

    By then, even if Mo Kun refused to hand over his position, the Mo Familys elders would not allow it.

    When the day came for Nian Xiaomu to take over the company completely, Mo Kun would not be able to escape from any of his crimes!

    Zheng Yan reacted almost immediately.

    You mean to say, its a good thing that Mo Kun is inching in on us as it means that Xiao Mumus progress with the clothing factory has seriously threatened him and made him anxious?

    Thats right! Yu Yuehan turned to look at Nian Xiaomu.

    She was standing by the car door with her head lowered and her fingertips curled together. Upon hearing Yu Yuehans words, her eyes looked up slowly with a confident and ambitious gaze.