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    Chapter 1389 Who Touched Whose Heart 10

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    Mo Yongheng paused for a moment before continuing, Since Ive already had my guard up against Mo Kun, I wouldnt have let him plot against me so easily!

    Mo Yongheng had made a backup copy of every transaction he made in the company.

    Even if Fu Jin stepped out to frame him by saying that he was the instigator, there was no evidence, so it was impossible that he would get convicted.

    Otherwise, he would not be so politely invited to the station to assist in the investigation.

    My guess is that Mo Kun probably wanted to weaken my image in front of the elders of the Mo Family so that when he wants to deal with you in the future, no one will be able to help you. Mo Yonghengs gaze turned to Nian Xiaomu.

    Mo Kun was a far more difficult person to handle than they had imagined.

    He would not simply watch as Nian Xiaomu developed the clothing factory and produce beautiful results in front of the other shareholders, threatening his position as President.

    But, what a pity this is. Wed originally thought that the fake accounts could bring Mo Kun down, but he actually struck us first and now has the upper hand!

    Mo Yongheng already knew without asking that the news of him being taken away by the police to assist in investigations had probably already spread throughout the Mo Corporation and shareholders.

    Even if he stepped out now to accuse Mo Kun of being involved in this, nobody would believe him.

    On the other hand, they would think that he was accusing Mo Kun intentionally to shirk responsibility for his wrongdoings.

    Moreover, there was Fu Jin as a witness

    Since they had no advantage at all, they should simply endure it.

    Handing over a thumb drive to Nian Xiaomu, Mo Yongheng muttered slowly, This is what I discovered last night. Although it cant be used to deal with Mo Kun now, keep it with you. It might be of use later.

    Umm. Nian Xiaomu took the thumb drive from him and kept it after glancing at it briefly.

    About the rebuilding of the clothing factory, you must carry it out personally. There must not be a single mistake in the process, or else Mo Kun will never give you a second chance! Mo Yongheng reminded.

    Nian Xiaomu grabbed onto his hand and asked anxiously, How about you? What should I do for you now? Since you know that Mo Kun would let you be his scapegoat, have you not thought about how to prove your innocence?

    You dont have to do anything. I believe that the police will investigate this properly. Or when you guys have finally exposed Mo Kuns true colors and punished him, Ill be able to leave this place, Mo Yongheng remarked calmly.

    Once he finished speaking, he suddenly thought of something and turned to look at Nian Xiaomu again.

    Dont let this matter get into the ears of Bengbeng.

    What? Nian Xiaomu asked.

    Mo Yonghengs gaze lowered slightly and pressing his lips together, he replied, I meant, dont let the elderly head find out about this. Otherwise, he might get worried.

    Umm, Nian Xiaomu nodded obediently and agreed without thinking much about it.

    On the other hand, a flash of light swept past Yu Yuehans dark eyes, but he did not directly expose him.

    Mo Yongheng then went on to give some instructions on what needed to be taken note of regarding the matters in the company, until Executive Assistant Yang came over to remind them that it was time to leave.

    Yu Yuehan held onto Nian Xiaomu and left first, while Zheng Yan was still looking at Mo Yongheng and he too was staring back at her.

    The two seemed as if they wanted to say goodbye to each other, but could not bear to do so.

    They simply continued to stare at each other.

    Ms. Zheng, we really have to go. Otherwise, we may delay the police in their investigation. It wont be nice if word of this got out. Executive Assistant Yang walked over to Zheng Yan and whispered to remind her.

    Hearing this, Zheng Yan still did not move, but Mo Yongheng, on the other hand, nodded at her and turned to leave.

    Mo Yongheng! Zheng Yan looked at the back of his lonely figure and suddenly called out.

    Dont be afraid, Ill come and see you often!

    Mo Yongheng stopped in his tracks and turned back to stare deeply at her.